What to Wear if You’re an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

To dress well knowing your body shape is very important. As it is the base to enhance your elegance and style. And the shape of your body plays a vital role in balancing your style.

Every person has a different body shape. And some of them are hourglass, apple, column, pear, and inverted triangle.

In this article, we are going to discuss an inverted triangle body, and what to wear if you are an inverted triangle shape.

We will also discuss how to balance your style and which part of your body needs to be emphasized.

What is an Inverted Triangle Body Shape?

An inverted triangle is the body shape we are going to discuss. And some characteristics of an inverted triangle body shape are –

  • You will have great legs.
  • You may have a larger bust.
  • The broadest part of your body will be your shoulders.
  • You will have a narrow waist and hip.

What Are the Benefits of Knowing Your Body Shape?

There are some huge benefits of knowing your body shape. You can easily select the clothes that suit you the best. Thus you can save time while purchasing clothes in the stores.

If you know the correct shape of your body you can also choose the fabric that makes you feel comfortable.

You will get more confidence if you are comfortable with what you are wearing.

And ultimately your confidence will enhance your beauty. So it is very important to wear clothes according to your body shape. You might also like: How to Make Your Booty Look Bigger in a Dress

Clothes for an Inverted Triangle Shape Body

Now let us discuss what to wear and what not to wear if you have an inverted triangle body shape.


What to Wear?

  1. You can wear light-colored trousers.
  2. Try to wear baggy and wide-leg trousers.
  3. If you wear jeans then make sure that the hip and thigh area has flared, boot cut ripped, big back pocket look.
  4. There is a very wide choice of jeans and trousers available for an inverted triangle body shape.
  5. You can also try combats.

What Not to Wear?

  1. If are fond of wearing tight trousers then make sure you wear a cigarette style or a straight leg trouser.
  2. Try to avoid leggings.
  3. A high waist or a tapered trouser is also not for an inverted triangle body shape.

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What to Wear?

  1. You can try a straight line and wrap tops.
  2. You can look out for strapless, V- neck, U- neck and asymmetric tops with dark colors.
  3. Wear open cardigans to highlight the shape of your body.
  4. A single button coat and a flared coat can be perfect.
  5. Make sure to add curves to your hips if you are wearing a strapless.
  6. You can try to wear a belt along with a jacket, shirt or cardigan.
  7. Collarless styles and tops with banding can enhance your style.

What Not to Wear?

  1. Stay away from off-shoulder and slash neck tops.
  2. Try to avoid oversized tops.
  3. Your shoulder will appear broad if you wear puff sleeves and if there is any embellishment on the shoulders.

Dresses and Skirts

What to Wear?

  1. To add volume to your lower half you can try A-line dresses and skirts.
  2. Skirts with a lot of pleats, panels, and ruffles can add volume to your lower body.
  3. You can try straight pencil skirts.
  4. An empire cut dress or a tulip-shaped skirt will suit you the best.

What Not to Wear?

  1. You will look top-heavy if you wear a very tight fitted skirt. So try to avoid tight fitted skirts.
  2. Stay away from puff sleeve and frill sleeved dresses.

So these are some rules you need to follow to maintain an inverted triangle body shape. And if you are an inverted triangle shape, then this article can really help you to balance your style with your body shape.

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