What is Olive Skin? The Factors That Make It Different

Mostly we all are aware of our skin color. But sometimes we are confused about exactly what type of skin color do we have? And olive skin is an uncommon term, so most of us are not familiar with it.

Knowing the right skin color can help you to find the right products matching your skin tone. Sometimes olive skin tone gets confused with a golden tan.

But both of these skin tones are different. Every person with a golden tan skin tone may not have that greenish tint of olive.

So let us find out what is olive skin and how it is different from a tanned complexion?

How to Identify Olive Skin?

The complexion of your skin depends on the undertone of your skin. Sometimes people with a dark or pale brown tone might have olive skin.

As we all know the color of an olive is light green. So if you have olive skin your skin will have a beautiful greenish tint.

A person with light olive skin needs to use beige cream while a person with dark olive skin can use a cream made for brown tone.

As olive skin is uncommon, so it becomes difficult for us to find out this shade in the skin color palette. So we need so to identify olive skin first.

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The Fitzpatrick Scale

Some people believe that people with olive skin have a bronze complexion, but that is not true. Like other skin tones, olive also has different shades. So to identify which shade of olive skin you have you can take the help of the Fitzpatrick scale.

Fitzpatrick scale in an effective tool to let you know the shade of olive skin you have. Even if you do not have olive skin you can still try the Fitzpatrick scale to identify your actual skin tone.

How Does Olive Skin Affect You?

Though we think olive skin to have a neutral undertone, it comes with its own sets of problems.

People with olive skin can suffer from problems like oily skin, easy tanning, hyperpigmentation, and skin discoloration.

The Right Cosmetics for Olive Skin Tone

It is very tough to find out the right cosmetic products for people with olive skin. So we will guide you to find the right cosmetic that goes with olive skin.


People with olive skin tone always have a natural glow. So you do not need to use a concealer as a base before makeup.

Find the shade of foundation that has neutral undertones. People with olive skin tone can also try the Warm and cool-toned foundation.


To highlight your skin and to get a slightly edgy look you can use the bronze color from your blush palette. Also, try the peach and pink color as olive skin include a neutral tone.

Eye Shadow

People with olive skin tone should not use any color to their eyelids as it may not suit them.

People with olive skin tone can try colors like dark blue, bronze, emerald green, gold, purple, etc on their eyelids. You might also like: Eye Lift: 7 Ways to Get Rid of Hooded Eyelids Without Surgery

Contours and Highlighters

People with olive skin have naturally highlighted skin. But it won’t harm if you use a subtle highlighter or a contour on your face. Overdoing can make your face look like plastic.


Due to the neutral undertone, people with olive skin can try any shades on their lips. But the nude shade needs to be avoided.

Nude shade can bring down the look of a person with olive skin. A person with olive skin can try glossy bright shades and subtle mattes to enhance their look.

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