What Foods to Eat During Pregnancy for a Fair Baby

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for the parents and the whole family. And every parent wants their child to be born fair. Though we are aware of the fact that babies resemble the characteristics of their either parents but we cannot ignore our want for a fair baby.

Sometimes during pregnancy, our eating habits can affect the physical characteristics of the baby. Consuming some type of food can make your baby healthy and fair.

In this article, I am going to discuss with you some natural and homemade food. By consuming this type of food during pregnancy your child can be fair enough. So let see what are the foods to eat during pregnancy for a fair baby?

Grape Juice in Pregnancy Fair Baby

Grapes contain alpha hydroxyl acids which can enhance your baby’s health and complexion. So drinking grape juice during pregnancy can help you to get a fair baby.

Grape juice is also very useful in treating problems like swelling, toothache, constipation, etc. You might also like: How to Avoid Excessive Weight Gain during Pregnancy

Gooseberry Marmalade

Gooseberry marmalade is a common Indian food which can imply several advantages for the pregnant woman.

As we all know gooseberry is rich in vitamin c and calcium so it is very useful to consume during pregnancy. And it can help your baby to get a fair complexion.

Saffron Milk for Fair Child

Pregnant women are advised to drink saffron milk. This is because drinking saffron milk during pregnancy can help you to enhance your baby’s complexion and get a fair baby after birth.

Mix 5 to 6 strands of saffron in warm milk and drink it every day. By drinking saffron milk can also purify the blood. As saffron is warm in nature do not consume it in excess amount.

Almonds during Pregnancy for Fair Baby

As nuts are rich in different nutrients so it is advisable for a pregnant woman to eat nuts during pregnancy. Eating almonds during pregnancy can help you to get a fair child after birth.

Fennel Seeds for Fair Child

If you are pregnant and want to get a fair baby after birth then you need to be very cautious regarding your diet. Eating fennel seeds after a meal can be very useful during pregnancy.

It is said that as fennel seeds are rich in antioxidants and are antiseptic in nature it can enhance your baby’s complexion in no time. You can also boil fennel seeds with water and after straining drink the warm water.

Milk in Pregnancy Fair Baby

It is said that eating or drinking white food items during pregnancy can help you to get a fair baby after birth. And the most common and nutritious white food is milk.

Drinking milk during pregnancy not only enhances your baby’s complexion but also helps your baby to be healthy and strong after birth. Also Read: Snoring in Pregnancy: Why It Happens And How to Stop Theme

Avoid tea and coffee

Consuming tea or coffee should be avoided during pregnancy. As tea and coffee contain caffeine so it can darken your baby’s complexion.

If you cannot avoid it then minimize the consumption of tea and coffee during pregnancy to get a fair baby after birth.

So these are some of the natural foods to eat during pregnancy for a fair baby. If you want your baby to be fair after birth then you need to follow these home remedies.

But remember every child is very lovable and precious to their parents. So it does not matter much whether the baby born is fair or dark.

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