What are the symptoms and treatment of bowel cancer in a woman

In this post, we are going to point out some of the bowel cancer signs in women. Some general bowel cancer symptoms and treatment are also already explained.

Before going to our main topic bowel cancer symptoms in women, it’s better for you to know some facts about bowel cancer.

Bowel cancer symptoms in women

Bowel cancer is cancer developed in large bowel also known as colon and rectum. Development of bowel cancer is a long process.

It often starts from polyps and takes many years before bowel cancer symptoms in women show up. Polyp at the time of its creation is often a non-cancerous small mushroom-shaped body which grows slowly and spreads silently to other parts of the body.

There are several bowel cancer treatments. As it is very small in the beginning, if it can be detected in early stages, it can be eliminated quite successfully.

On the other hand, if it goes on and spreads in other parts of the body, it can become difficult to deal with. There are some of the bowel cancer symptoms in women they should know.

Bowel cancer signs in women

Some of the common bowel cancer signs in women are listed below.

  • Blood in Stools
  • Rectal Bleeding
  • Tiredness and intense fatigue
  • Loss of weight
  • Shifts in bowel movements
  • Diarrhea or Constipation
  • Stomach Cramps and Bad Gas
  • Fever and loss in appetite

Some of the important bowel cancer symptoms in women are explained with detail below.

Bleeding and Blood in Stools:

Blood in stools is one of the initial bowel cancer signs in women. There is no need to panic if it is identified. It can also be a symptom of piles also generally known as Haemorrhoids.

Piles or Haemorrhoids is not as dangerous as bowel cancer in women but it needs to be properly treated and cured as soon as possible.

Rectal bleeding is also one of similar bowel cancer symptoms in women. It is not certain that you have bowel cancer if you have of these bowel cancer symptoms.

It would not be wise to conclude straight away that you have bowel cancer if you have rectal bleeding.

Shifts in Bowel Movements:

Shifts in bowel movements are also the initial bowel cancer symptoms in women. Having bowel movements less than or more than usual can be seen as bowel cancer symptoms in women.

Having diarrhea or constipation can be a symptom of bowel cancer in women. Diarrhea is a condition where the patient experiences a number of bowel movements more than as they are in normal circumstances.

If this condition exists for more than two weeks, it is a warning sign and should be dealt with wisely. Diarrhea can be very disturbing and awful.

It should be treated as soon as possible. Constipation is somewhat opposite to diarrhea. It is a condition of experiencing a hard time in the process of excreting stools.

This also is painful and if it carries on for more than 2 weeks, there is a possibility that the victim has bowel cancer.

Loss of Weight:

In several bowel cancer signs in women weight loss is another one. Unintentional and unexpected weight loss can be experienced when women have bowel cancer.

As cancer grows bigger and spread in the body it needs more and more energy which it gets from your body. As a result, a loss of weight is experienced even if you take a proper healthy diet.

Tiredness and fatigue:

Another one of bowel cancer symptoms in women is tiredness and fatigue. Grown-up cancer consumes so much energy and this results in intense fatigue and tiredness.

This can also be a consequence of some other less serious disease. You should not panic if you have intense fatigue and tiredness but you also need to talk to your doctor about this.

These were some of the noticeable bowel cancer symptoms in women which they should be aware of. If any of these signs of bowel cancer is identified, the patient should immediately go to the doctor and talk with them about their condition. If a doctor thinks it is necessary for them to undergo screening tests.

They should get themselves screened. We hope that this guide about Bowel Cancer Symptoms in Women helped you to understand the common symptoms of bowel cancer, women may show when they have bowel cancer.

Top 3 Most Popular bowel cancer treatment

To know the different types of bowel cancer treatment, below are the top three treatments that are normally used to people who are suffering from the disease.


This type of bowel cancer treatment is proven to be very effective if the cancer is still small. An early stage of cancer is easier to treat because it is easier to control the spreading of the cancer cells.

Normally, chemotherapy is advised prior to surgery, to kill cancer cells. When there is less cancer cells to remove, surgery will be quick and less complicated.


As mentioned earlier, Chemotherapy is very effective in killing the cancer cells and preventing it to spread and multiply.

It is often recommended prior to surgery and after surgery, to make sure that there won’t be cancer cells left in the body, which will cause cancer again.


This type of bowel cancer treatment works similar to chemotherapy. The aim is also to kill the cancer cells to stop spreading.

The treatment can be done internally or straight to the tumor, or externally where radioactive rays are used to aim the tumor from the skin.

Nonetheless, this treatment is not as used as the others and only recommended if the tumor is already large enough for a surgery treatment or if the body condition of the patient is not capable for surgery anymore.

Each of the three treatments for bowel cancer has their own side effects when used. The side effects may differ from one person to another, but just to name a few are bleeding, hair loss, diarrhea, poor appetite, and more.

You might want to speak with your doctor about the different side effects that you are likely to encounter so you will be able to prepare for it.

The best bowel cancer treatment will depend on your body, your cancer condition, and most of all, your budget. Expect that the treatments will cost a lot and you might need extra, aside from the health insurance coverage that you will be getting.

Your budget is one factor that you might also want to discuss with your doctor prior to undergoing the bowel cancer treatment.

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