Want to Shave Your Hairy Buttcrack? Safe & Right Ways to Do So

Shaving butt or butt crack hair is quite common among most men and women. Bushy butt can be uncomfortable as it causes friction when walking with tight jeans or trousers. So, people often wonder how to shave butt crack hair.

To make your butt crack hair disappear you need to shave it like other parts of your body. Besides shaving, there are several other ways to remove your butt crack hair like waxing.

In this article, we will discuss on how to shave your butt crack hair and how to prepare before shaving your butt.

How to Get Prepared Before Shaving Butt?

To prevent infections caused by bacteria and fungi it is very important to take a hot bath before shaving.

A hot shower also opens up the hair pores and softens hair. So, it becomes easier to identify the direction of hair growth.

Some essential tools like a shaving gel or cream, shaving blade are required before shaving your butt crack..

To sterilize new blade and razor use rubbing alcohol, a mirror, antiseptic, a clean towel, and a styptic pen to stop bleeding if you cut your butt skin accidentally. Also Read: Why Get The Thigh Gap? and What are the Benefits of Having One

What Are the Ways to Shave Your Butt Crack Hair?

Before shaving, you need to make sure of the type of razor you are going to use. There are three types of razors: a cartridge razor, an electric razor, or a safety razor.

Electric razors can help you shave long bushy hairs but it can difficult to use them on small areas.

A safety razor is sharp and straight and thus, can lead to cuts and nicks while shaving your butt crack.

On the other hand, a standard cartridge razor is much safer than a double-edge safety razor.

To clean your butt crack before and after the shaving process always use rubbing alcohol or antiseptic.

To reduce friction after the shaving process you can use some medicated powder. Let us find out the step-by-step process to shave the hair off your butt.

Take Shower

To soften the hair, to prevent infection caused by bacteria and fungi,

to open up pores it is very important to take a hot shower before shaving your butt crack hair.

Clean all the tools you are using for shaving. Use some rubbing alcohol to clean the razor you are using. An electric razor also needs to be cleaned before the shaving process.

Trim the Hair

Before using a cartridge razor it is important to shave long bushy hair using an electric razor.

This will help you to get the desired result in no time. You might also like: How to Make Your Booty Look Bigger in a Dress

Use Cream

Apply a shaving cream after trimming the long hair. This will help you to shave the small hairs easily.

Shave Your Butt Crack Hair

Before shaving the butt crack hair you need to hold your handheld mirror close to your butt.

Removing butt crack hair sometimes becomes quite challenging as the area is very sensitive and delicate.

So, you need to take extra care to avoid nicks and cuts. To clean hair that gets caught in the razor while pulling the hair, you need to rinse the cartridge frequently.

Use Antiseptic

Wash and rinse your butt crack post-shaving. This will prevent infection caused by fungi or bacteria.

Apply Powder

A shaved butt crack can cause friction when gets rubbed while walking or sitting. So, using body powder can reduce friction to some extent.

Some Other Ways to Shave Your Butt Crack Hair

Besides using a razor for shaving your butt crack hair you can also try out waxing, electrolysis, or laser hair removal. So, let us find out how this process works.

Laser Hair Removal

A professional can remove the hair from your butt crack and anus by using a high-intensity light stream.

A laser hair removal process is long-lasting and prevents future hair growth by removing the hair from the follicles. But this process is very expensive and time taking.


Waxing your butt crack hair can be quite effective in removing them from the root of the hair.

So, it takes longer to get hair again. But this process can be painful. Also Read: Fastest Way to Get Rid of Strawberry Legs


This process is used by medical professionals to remove the butt crack hair from the root.

This is the most expensive way of removing your butt hair. The butt hair follicle is burnt by inserting a needle into each hair follicle.

So, here are some useful tips you need to follow before shaving your butt crack hair. Long bushy hair in and around your butt crack can cause sweating and infection.

So, it better to remove them. But you should take extreme care before shaving the butt crack hair as the area is very sensitive.

Always clean your razor with alcohol before use and after the shaving process is completed never reuse it. 

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