Treating Minor Burns at Home: 6 Ways You Need to Know

Minor burns are called first-degree burns that affect the top layer of the skin and turn the skin red and painful.

These types of burns can be caused due to the electricity, hot water, steam, fire or some other kind of heat.

It is needed to be treated with good care, if not it regulates the painful blisters. With the help of available home ingredients, burns can be healed and pain can be minimized.

6 Ways to Treating Burns at Home

Cold Water to Treat Burns on the Skin

As soon as the skin is burned, run the water over the affected area to stop the enhancement of the burn. Repeat this step several times.

Retain a cold compress after pouring the water. If you can repeat the application of cold compress it can give you instant pain relief.

Do not use ice as it blocks the flows of blood which will simultaneously threaten the soft tissues.

Use Raw Potato Available In Kitchen

Take a raw potato and cut it into two halves, place half over the area of the burn. Ensure that potato is spreading its juice in that area.

The anti-irritating and soothing properties of potato help in treating minor burns. Try this remedy very immediately after the burn occurs to minimize the pain and reduce the blisters.

Use Black Tea Bags

Take two black tea bags and put them in cool water and leave it for few minutes. Take them out and apply over the affected area.

The tannic acid present in the black tea takes out the heat present in the burn and helps to reduce pain.

Apply Aloe Vera

The astringent and painkilling properties of the aloe vera work wonders for the first degree burns. It heals the burns with its endeavoring properties.

Take a tentacle from the aloe Vera plant and apply to the burn directly, make sure you apply aloe Vera after washing the burn with cold water or cold milk or vinegar.

If you don’t find the Aloe vera plants in your home then apply the Aloe Vera filled cream.

Coconut Oil and Lime Extract

For the treatment of minor burns, coconut oil with the combination of lime extracts functions well. Coconut oil is the best source of fatty acids like lauric acid, capric acid, and myristic acid.

These fatty acids have anti-fungal, anti-oxidizing and anti-bacterial properties. The lime extract contains acidic and astringent properties which help to reduce scars.

If you are affected by the injuries by the hot water or stream, mix the coconut oil and lime extract and apply it over the area of injury. It will fasten the healing process.

Use Honey for Treating Minor Burns at Home

One can always use honey to disinfect wounds. Honey helps to heal the burns by secreting the fluids out of the tissues, thus it also removes the dirt from the burned area.

Take some amount of honey and spread on the gauze bandage and keep it directly over the burn. Change the bandage for at least two to three times a day.

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