The Secrets to Growing Your Longer, Thicker Hair

We all want our hair to be thicker and longer, as long and thick hair enhances our beauty. Long, thick hair also indicates that your overall health is good.

Nowadays, shedding and thinning hair have become common issues among women. There are several causes that can make your hair thinner and fall off easily.

Your diet, fitness routine, and hair care regimen also determine the quality of your hair. So, if your overall health is good then, your hair also becomes healthier. Your hair can become thin, weak, and shed off easily due to different health conditions like chronic illness, hormonal fluctuation, and a poor diet.

In this post, we will share with you some secrets to growing thicker and longer hair. So, check out the post thoroughly to fix your hair problems so, that your hair becomes healthier.

Secrets to Growing Thicker and Longer Hair

Follow the tips shared below to achieve lush hair that will enhance your beauty and help you to make different hairstyles.

1. Healthy Diet is Necessary

Following a balanced diet rich in micronutrients can be very useful in making your hair healthier.

Some Superfoods for your hair that you must consume are lean protein, walnuts that contain vitamin E, spinach that contains iron, folate, and beta-carotene and greek yogurt, eggs, salmon that contains vitamin D and omega-3, sweet potatoes, beans, and legumes, pumpkin seeds, flax and hemp seeds, fresh fruits, water and a lot of green leafy vegetables.

Your hair can become weak and fall off if there are deficiencies of vitamin B12, iron, vitamin D, selenium, folate, and amino acids in your body.

2. Less Hair Wash is Good

Washing your hair very often can wash off the natural oil from your hair. It also strips your hair of essential oils and thus makes it dry and weak. Washing your hair 2 to 3 times a week is enough to make your hair healthy and strong.

So, if you have the misconception that washing your hair every day will make it long and thick then, you are harming your hair and stopping it from staying moisturized and healthy.

3. Go for Suitable Vitamin Supplements

Sometimes even after eating healthy, our body fails to meet all nutritional requirements. So, we can have mineral and vitamin deficiency that leads to weak and unhealthy hair.

You can try out suitable vitamin supplements that can make your hair long, and thick and prevent hair loss. Vitamin D3 is considered to be important for long healthy hair. So, if you are having vitamin D3 deficiency then, consult your doctor and take it in form of supplements.

4. Avoid Applying Conditioner to Your Scalp

Most hair experts suggest not to use conditioner directly on your scalp as it can lead to frizz and flyaways.

Applying conditioner to your scalp weighs down your hair and also causes dandruff. So it is always better to use a conditioner on the tips of your hair.

5. Dry Your Hair Naturally

We often use a blow dryer to dry our hair in a hurry. But, using heat on hair for a longer period can cause severe damage to our hair and make them dry and weak.

So, it is always good to let your hair, and air dry naturally. Drying your hair without using a blow dryer makes your hair soft and healthy and thus, they grow fast without shedding off.

However, if you have to use a blow-dryer to dry your hair, try one from Babyliss as they are quite gentle and will not cause severe damage to your hair.

6. Choosing the Right Hair Care Products is a Must

Nowadays there are several hair care products available in the market but, you need to choose the right one that suits your hair type. As different hair types should be treated in different ways, getting the right product is very important.

You can also try out some DIY products to make your hair healthy and long. As most of these DIY hair care products are prepared using natural ingredients so, they will not have any harmful side effects. For more details check out the post on DIY hair care products.

7. Say No to Bleach

Bleach contains harsh chemicals that can be very harmful to your hair. Bleaching your hair can make your hair excessively dry and thus, they fall off easily.

So, if you want to grow thicker and longer hair then stop bleaching your hair and using products that contain bleach.

We often use different hot tools like a blow dryer, straightener, or curler to make different styles. However, using these tools frequently can cause severe damage to our hair and make them unhealthy.

So, if you want your hair to be healthy and long then, try to avoid using these tools. However, If you need to use them for any special occasion then, do remember to use a heat protectant spray.

Some of the hot tools that can be quite gentle and useful for your hair are Dyson airwrap styling tool and dryer, cutler protectant treatment spray, and T3 single pass flat iron.


Following a proper hair care regime is the only key to long and thick hair. The useful tips shared above will surely help you to get your desired hair if followed properly.

As our hair plays an important role in making us look more beautiful so, following a healthy and balanced diet is also important to keep our hair healthy.

Always try to use natural products with fewer chemicals so that you can grow thicker and longer hair in no time.

Consult your doctor if your hair is shedding due to some medicines or health-related problems.

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