The Difference Between Body Cream, Lotion and Body Butter

Proper moisturizing is very important for your skin as it protects your skin from environmental damage slows down the aging process and softens rough and dry skin.

There are various products available in the market so; finding out the right moisturizing product can be difficult.

Using the right moisturizing products replenish the moisture lost and make your skin look luminous.

In this article, we will discuss with you the difference between body cream, body lotion and body butter and how to use them.

Why Your Skin is Dry?

Dry skin is a very common problem to deal with. Dry skin affects the moisturizer level in your skin.

There can several factors that can make your skin dry. So, let us find out the reasons behind your dry skin.

The Environment Can Make Your Skin Dry

Staying in heater or AC for long hours can make your skin dry. So, the moisturizer level of your skin depends on where you spend most of your time.

To replenish moisture lost due to environmental factors you should use body cream, body butter or lotion. Read Also: Pros & Cons of Sleeping With a Bra to Bed at Night

Age Can Affect Your Skin

You can start losing oil glands as your age increases.

Using good-quality body lotion, cream or body butter can treat your aged and dry skin and also prevent a problem like “winter itch”.


Your genes play an important role to regulate skin cell production.

Skin conditions like dry skin or eczema can occur if your genes do not work properly in regulating the body.

Lifestyle Choices

Maintaining a proper lifestyle is very important to make your body function in the right way.

To get rid of dry skin you should eat a balanced diet high in veggies and fruits.

To get that glowing skin you should exercise and avoid alcohol and smoking as well. Read Also: How Many Calories Are in Your All-time Favorite Doughnuts

Difference Between Body Cream, Body Lotion and Body Butter

Though three of these products can help you to get rid of dry skin there are some differences between them.

So, let us find out the difference between these products and how to use them.

Body Butter

Body butter does not contain water and it is a combination of essential butter and oil.

The body butter is used to nourish and moisturize the skin. It is the thickest form of moisturizer.

The essential butter used in preparing body butter is extracted from natural products like cocoa, palm or Shea.

The texture of body butter determines how quickly it will be absorbed by your skin.

You can use body butter if you have normal to dry skin but avoid using it if you have oily skin.

Body Cream

A body cream has a thicker consistency and a higher concentration of oils than a body lotion.

A body cream is prepared by blending water and oils. It is perfect for rough and dry skin as it can keep your skin hydrated for a longer time.

Other than oils, gum, beeswax is also used while preparing a body cream to make it thicker. You might also like: How Can Baby Oil Help to Remove Makeup and Is It Good Or Bad

Body Lotion

A body lotion has the highest content of water-based ingredients.

It is prepared by mixing carrier oils with water-based ingredients like hydrosol, aloe Vera, etc.

people with normal to oily skin can use body lotion to hydrate their skin as it is known greasy.

It is perfect to use body lotion during warm months as it has high water content and gets absorbed by the skin easily.

The essential ingredients are delivered by the carrier oils to the skin. You might also like: 10 Simple Homemade Face Scrub That Treats Oily Skin in No Time

So these are the difference between a body cream, body lotion and body butter. Before applying any moisturizer you need to identify the type of your skin.

It is always better to apply moisturizer on dampened skin to reduce moisture loss.

Body cream can work effectively on dry skin whereas, it is better to use body lotion on oily skin.

So, choose your moisturizer accordingly and keep your skin hydrated.

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