The Dangers of Wearing High Heels Shoes

Women who love wearing heels know how painful it is to stand long hours wearing high heels, but most would not mind. Wearing high heels is almost like a sign of feminine power, style, and sensuality.

In the USA alone, in 2012, it has been reported that more than 14,140 cases of high heel-related injuries occurred. Still, women will risk all the health hazards for the sake of looking great.

Dangers of high heels

I want to know how it is to be in their shoes, take a look at the impact of wearing high heels on the various parts of the body.

Feet – 

Walking with the whole body weight transferred to the balls of the feet and toes causes bone and nerve damage, blisters, and ingrown nails.

Increase ankles and Calves Pain – 

Restriction of blood flow circulation is caused by the bent-forward position of the ankles which can result in visible spider veins and chronic pain.


Hips problems – 

Wearing high heels forces the hips to be in an abnormal position, albeit sexy-looking, this harms the hips and muscles in the long run.

Lower Back pain – 

Additional stress is placed on the lower back when the spine adjusts whenever high heels are worn resulting in a sore lower back at the end of the day.

If high heels cannot be avoided, the next best thing to wear is the wedge type heel shoe. At least this gives added protection against tripping over and causing injury from falls.

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