Simple & Fun Anime Nail Designs for Every Occasion 2023

Anime is our all-time favorite and an important part of our entertainment. Watching anime movies made our life quite happier during this pandemic situation. Japanese comics also all manga is our favorites since our childhood days.

Besides, anime Japanese art and fashion are quite popular around the world. Their nail art designs are so unique that people get attracted to them and want to get these anime designs on their nails. The same classic french manicure gets boring over time and we want some changes.

Getting Japanese anime designs on your nails is the best way to flaunt your nails and make them look different.

Easy Anime Nail Designs to Try for 2023

Here, is some Japanese manga that you can get on your nails to make your nails look beautiful and also show your support and love to your favorite show.

1. Tokyo Revengers

If you are a fan of the Tokyo revengers show then, this amazing nail design is for you.

Getting this nail is super creative and fun. The characters from the Tokyo revengers are featured in these orange nails.

2. Pokemon

Pokemon is one of the famous and favorite characters of every 90’s kid. You can use different colors and create your favorite pokemon on your nails.

In this way, you can show your tribute to a show that is very special to you and makes you nostalgic.

3. Naruto

Naruto is one of the favorite characters of most anime lovers. You can get small elements from the show on your nails like AKATSUKI the rain of blood which is also the symbol of justice for the members of the Akatsuki group in the show.

Naruto revolves around a young ninja who has a dream of becoming the leader of his village. To make the nail design more gorgeous you can add glitter to it.

4. Sailor moon

The sailor’s moon nails represent love and justice. It is one of the uncommon nail designs that goes perfectly on almond-shaped nails.

The combination of pink and purple with gemstone makes this nail design extraordinary. The sailor moon nails are also seen on the nails of our favorite guardian cats Artemis and luna.

5. Spirited Away Nails

The spirited away nails shares the story of a young girl who enters the world of kami after moving to a new neighborhood.

You can get unique and strange characters from this world on your nails. Go and watch the movie to get more details.

6. Violet Evergarden

Violet ever garden is one of the favorite anime in the USA and Australia. It was released on Netflix USA and Australia in April 2018.

It has different interesting characters like the violet and the major, their comrades. Getting this 3D nail art using some gems can make your nails look out of the world.

7. Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura is a magical girl who revolves around a fourth-grader. There is a mysterious book that contains divine cards.

Accidentally all the catastrophic cards get scattered all over the world and sakura needs to save the world from these cards. You will definitely fall in love with this anime nail design with pastel colors on your nails.

8. Spirited Away

Some amazing characters from the movie spirited away are the dragon spirit, the leading lady, and soot sprites, haku and Chihiro always attract people.

Getting these beautiful designs on your nails can be a different and great style.

9. Zenitsu From Demon Slayer Nails

The character of zeniths from the demon slayer is portrait as a coward person but he is actually one of the powerful demon slayers.

Making zeniths on your nails can also show your love for the character.

10. Dragon Ball Z

You can get the anime nail designs of different characters from dragon ball z.

Also, try out some of the famous quotes used like “what did you do to my Bulma”? on your nails.

Final Thought

So, these are some of the best and most popular anime nail designs that you should surely try out instead, of the same classic french manicure. Japanese nail art is becoming quite popular and demanding around the world.

So, get your favorite manga character and prove yourself to be a trendsetter.

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