Remove Dip Powder Nails at Home With and Without Acetone

People often fall for dip nails as they create a natural look and are durable as acrylic nails.

But it should be removed when it gets old and a little out of your hands. So, many people often peel, bite, shudder, pick or pull to get rid of them.

But these methods can strip away the healthy nail layers as well.

so, if you want to remove dip powder nails without damage then, follow this article to find out the painless and safest way to remove them.

Benefits of Dip Nails

As mentioned above, dip nails create a natural look and are also quite durable. There are some other benefits of dip nails below.

  • Very Gentle – Compared to acrylic nails dip nails are much more gentle on your natural nails.
  • Color Options – There are different colors available for dip powder nails. so, it becomes easy to choose the color you want.
  • Long-lasting – Dip nails are long-lasting and thus, can last for a month.
  • Use at Home – You can easily DIY at home.

Before getting the new set you need to remove the old one safely. Here are some DIY ways to remove dip nails at home without damage.

You will need a nail file, cotton balls, towel, and pure acetone to follow the procedure given below.

File Down

Use the file on your nails so that they have a white, powdery appearance without shine.

Use Acetone

Soak your nails in a bowl of acetone. Apply some petroleum jelly to the nail cuticle before soaking to protect your skin.

You can also cover your nails with cotton balls soaked in acetone and cover them with foil. let it sit for 10 minutes.

Rub Off the Dip Nail Powder

After soaking for 10 minutes, rub off the dip nail powder polish using a dry cotton ball.

Rub your nails with a washcloth or wash your hands if you still find traces of polish.

Repeat Steps

If the polish does not get removed in the first go then, repeat the steps. You might also like: How to Choose the Best Nail Shape for Short Chubby Fingers

How to Take Care of Your Hands After Removing Dip Nails?

Taking proper care of your hands is equally important as removing dip nails.

Here are some useful tips to take proper care of your hands after removing dip nails.

Rinse Your Hands

Wash your hands properly with a mild soap so that all the pigment from your dip manicure is removed.

Make sure there are no acetone left on your hands, tips of your nails, and fingers as this can make your skin dry. Dry your nails and hands well after washing. Also Read: Dry Skin Around Nails: Know the Cause and How to Get Rid of It

Use Moisturizer

Using a good moisturizer is necessary to keep your hands and nails healthy and hydrated.

Using coconut oil can be a good option as it contains fatty acids and protects against fungal infections.

You can also soak your nails in olive oil to moisturize them. apply hand or cuticle cream at last.

Wait for Few Days

It is advisable to wait for a few days before re-applying. wait for a week after your manicure. You might also like: How to Choose a Perfect Electric File for Your Nails

Here are DIY ways to remove powder dip nails without using harsh acetone.

You can soak your hands in alcohol, white vinegar, or use baking soda and toothpaste instead of acetone to remove dip nails.

The steps should be the same as mentioned above just replace acetone with white vinegar or alcohol.

You can also cover your nails using a mixture of toothpaste and baking soda. Let it sit for 20 minutes then, rub off the dip powder polish.

Tips to Remember

  1. Wash and moisturize your hands after removing the dip nails.
  2. Try to use white vinegar, alcohol, toothpaste, and baking soda than using the harsh chemical acetone.
  3. Dip powder nails are durable and long-lasting.
  4. Take a week of rest before re-applying.
  5. You can easily remove dip powder nails at home without any damage.

As dip nails are durable and create a natural look as gels so, people often love to get them.

And following the correct ways to remove them can keep your nails healthy without causing any damage.

It is also important to take proper care of your hands and nails after the manicure. so, now remove the dip nails in DIY style.

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