Quick Steps to Highlight Your Freckles With Makeup and Create Fake One

Freckles used to be an annoying part of our skin. And we always wanted to remove or cover them up. But nowadays embracing your freckles across your nose and cheeks is trendy.

So, here we discuss how to create fake freckles if you’re lacking them and the way to apply your makeup so, that your freckles do get covered up completely.

How to Embrace Your Freckles With Makeup?

Applying your makeup the right way can let your freckles shine. So, here are some useful tips.

Use Concealer

You can use concealer to make your freckles noticeable without using foundation.

But do remember to choose the right shade as the too-dark or too-light shade can lead to splotches. You can also use it sparingly instead of as a foundation.

Apply Correct Foundation

To make your freckles remain in the spotlight it is very important to choose the correct foundation. Often people have darker shades but, this will cover up your freckles completely.

To make the freckles shine even after using a foundation always go for a little darker shade than your skin and a little lighter shade than your freckles.

Bronzer or Blush?

To highlight your freckles and let them shine it is advisable to use a blush of peach or pink color. If you are using a bronzer then, always apply lightly and avoid dark shades.

Use a brush and apply your bronzer gently so, that your freckles do not cover up completely. Also Read:

Avoid Heavy Foundation

Using a heavy foundation will muddy up your skin by blending with your freckles so, avoid using a heavy foundation.

But if you have set your mind to using a heavy foundation then, go for a tinted mineral powder or moisturizer.

Fill Up the Freckles

In wintertime freckles often tend to fade away. So, to highlight your freckles naturally, you can apply a brow pencil lightly over the freckles. This is a good option to deepen your freckles without going out for a tan.

How to Make Fake Freckles on Your Face

Photo by: Alexander Stemplewski from Pexels

Choose the Right Makeup Product

It is quite easy to create fake freckles at home if you are lacking. But choosing the right makeup and applying it correctly is very important.

To create fake freckles do your makeup normally and then apply the fake freckles. You should only use the blush to make your freckles look natural and more subtle.

To get natural-looking and long-lasting freckles you can use waterproof eyeliner, special FX makeup, or waterproof brow product. All of these can work like wonders in creating your fake freckles. Use a shade that is 2 shades lighter than your hair color.

Use a brush and make dots across your face mostly around the upper cheeks and nose. You can also apply some on your eyelids to create that natural look.

Apply a makeup setting spray when you are done to avoid rubbing off. To avoid smudging you can also use a fine mist. The spots do not need to be totally perfect as they will not give your freckles that natural finish.

Use Sunless Tanner

Using sunless tanning products can also help you create fake freckles. To begin wash your face and do not apply any moisturizer or other makeup products.

Take a small amount of sunless tanner and apply it lightly across your face using a fine-tipped brush.

To get freckles of darker bigger size lightly press the brush. This will leave you with a natural finish. Once you are done let it dry out properly. If you want your fake freckles to last longer avoid exfoliating your skin for a couple of days.

It might sound weird but embracing your freckles and creating fake freckles is being loved by most people nowadays. So, follow the tips above and create your own freckles if you are lacking some of them.

Also, embrace your existing freckles and make them shine by applying your makeup correctly. After all, following the trend is what we all want.

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