Natural Ways to Treat Brown Spots From White Part of Eyes

Eyes are the most beautiful part of the human body. So, it is very important to take proper care of your eyes.

We often ignore taking proper care of our eyes and the value of eyes is only known to blind people.

Sometimes our vision can be affected by severe allergies and infections in our eyes. So, brown spots on the eyes can be seen in the eyes of some people.

This brown spot can be very irritating and scary. In this article, we will talk about how to get rid of brown spots on the eyes naturally.

What Are the Causes for Brown Spot Under Eye

There can be several causes behind a brown spot in the eyes. Let us find out.

Excessive Iris Pigment

PDS (pigment dispersion syndrome) can produce too much pigment in the iris. The drainage mechanism of your eye can be clogged due to the pigment.

This can lead to pressure problems in the eyes causing glaucoma by damaging the optic nerve. In PDS the pigment floats to the other parts of the eyes after rubbing the back of the iris.


Endocrine and hormonal changes in the body can lead to the darkening of the conjunctiva due to melanin production.

Discoloration can also occur due to the photographic use of silver preparations. Some eye drops contain epinephrine which can darken the conjunctiva as well.

Primary Melanosis

Elderly people or people in their middle age can have PAM (PRIMARY ACQUIRED MELANOSIS) due to which a brown spot can appear in their eyes.

There can be a formation of malignancy and a change of color can be seen if the spot is present for a longer period of time. This change in the color of the spot can be identified by an ophthalmologist.

Foreign Particles

People who work as a carpenter, laborers, and boilers can have a high risk of getting foreign objects in their eyes.

Though foreign particles such as dust, insect, wood chip, etc can get into the eyes of anyone.

It is better not to remove these objects from the eye on your own as it could cause damage to your eyes. Medical assistance is needed to do the same.

Conjunctival Pigment

The conjunctival pigment can be formed due to chemical irritation, chronic inflammation, or cancer. Lesions can be formed due to conjunctival pigment.

How to Get Rid of Brown Spots on the White Part of the Eye Naturally

A person with a brown spot in the eye can wear sunglasses to protect the eyes from sunlight.

Using natural methods to treat brown spots in the eye can be effective as well. So, let us know about the natural methods that can help to remove brown spots.

1. Vitamin A, C, and E

Vitamin A, C, and E can help to fight toxins in your eyes as it contains antioxidants.

Consuming nuts and citrus fruits can supply these vitamins to complete the demands of your body. You can try vitamin supplements as well. Also Read: 5 Eye Makeup Products That Make Your Eyes Bigger Instantly

2. Consume Garlic and Onion

Eating garlic and onion can prevent blood clotting and cleanses your blood. Cutting an onion can bring water into our eyes which removes the dust particles from the surface of the eyes and benefit the lens of the eyes.

Take a glass of water and mix garlic flakes in it. Drink it to detoxify your body. You might also like: 6 Ways to Get Beautiful Eyes Naturally Without Makeup

3. Medications

Most homeopathy medications are prepared with natural substances. So, to treat brown spots in the eye taking homeopathy medications like arnica Montana can be effective.

As this medication belongs to the sunflower family so, it can treat brown spots on the sclera naturally. Here are How to Remove Dark Spots On Face With Toothpaste

4. Roots of Dandelion

Consuming dandelion roots can be very effective in treating brown spots in the eye.

If you have a brown spot due to exposure to heavy metals then, consuming dandelion roots can work as a wonder.

So, these are some causes and natural remedies to get rid of brown spots on the eye. The brown spot found on the sclera is often harmless.

But before trying out any treatment it is better to consult an ophthalmologist who can guide you in a proper way to treat the brown spots in the eye. It is always better not to put your health at risk.

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