Nail Growth Remedies: 7 Best Natural Treatments That Work

Long nails look beautiful so, every woman wants to have long and beautiful nails. If your internal health is good then your nails will also grow faster. The normal growth rate of our nail is 3.47 mm/month.

Slow nail growth can be caused due to several factors like not cutting nails in a proper way, biting nails, and lack of essential nutrients. However, our toenails grow slower than fingernails.

In this article, we will share with you some home remedies to grow nails faster and stronger.

What Are the Reasons for Slow Nail Growth?

Nails are made of protein cells called keratin. The nail plate is the hard part of the nail and the nail bed is under the nail plate.

So, let us know about the reasons for slow nail growth.

Hormones A slow nail growth rate can be caused due to hormonal imbalance. During lactation, Women can experience slower nail growth and during pregnancy and before menstruation the nail growth can be faster.
Age Aging can affect our nail growth. The nail growth rate is slower as an infant and after the age of 14 years. The nail growth is fastest at the age of 10-14.
Condition of Your Health The nail growth depends mainly on your health condition. If a person has diabetes his nails can appear yellow whereas, a person with a bad lung condition can have yellow nails and the nail growth can also be slower.
Season During summer our nails grow faster whereas, the nail growth rate is slower in winter.
Cutting Nails The rate of nail growth can be faster if it is cut on a regular basis.

Natural Home Remedies to Grow Nails Stronger and Faster

To enhance nail growth you can try out some natural and home remedies. So, let us find out how to grow nails faster and stronger with natural home remedies.

1. Garlic Oil to Grow Nails Faster

Take some chopped garlic and mix it with olive oil. Make it boil for 10 minutes.

After straining the oil apply this oil to your nails and massage it for some time. Leave it on your nails overnight and wash off in the morning.

You can also rub raw garlic on your nails.  Garlic can make nail growth faster as it is rich in selenium. You might also like: How To Remove Gel Nail Polish Without Nail Damage

2. Use Eggshell

Blend some almonds, flaxseeds, pecans, and eggshells together to form a powder.

Now with a glass of warm milk mix 1 tsp of this powder and drink it every day in the morning. You can notice visible results in a month.

As eggshells are rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, and protein it helps to strengthen and grow nails faster.

3. Home Remedies to Grow Nails With Olive Oil

To make your nails strong and long take some warm olive oil and soak your nails in it for 15 minutes.

You can also apply some warm olive on your nails and give a gentle massage for about 5 minutes then leave it overnight.

Olive oil is rich in vitamin E which moisturizes your nail cuticle and also improves blood circulation to grow nails faster.

4. Try Orange Juice

Soak your nails in orange juice for 10 minutes and wash them with water.

Orange juice contains vitamin C which is very effective in making nails strong and long. Follow this remedy once a day to get the desired result.

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5. Horsetail to Grow Nails Longer

To grow nails faster and stronger you can drink horsetail tea once a day for a month.

You can also soak ¾ tsp of dried horsetail powder in boiling water for 10 minutes. Now after straining the horsetail water soak your nails in it for 20 minutes.

To get long and beautiful nails to follow this remedy 3 to 4 days a week for a month.

Horsetail is an herb rich in potassium, silicon 6 and flavonoids which are very effective in growing nails faster especially in females.

6. Use Honey to Get Strong Nails

Mix a few drops of lemon juice with 2 teaspoons of honey to prepare a mixture.

Apply this mask on your nails and give a gentle massage. Leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse off with water.

Honey nourishes your nail cuticle and also prevents your nails from bacterial and fungal infections. You might also like: What is the Difference Between Solar and Acrylic Nails

7. Sunflower Seeds for Nail Growth

Consume sunflower seeds with salads or bread to get stronger and longer nails.

Sunflower seeds are rich in minerals like manganese and copper that can promote nail growth in no time.

So, these are some natural home remedies to grow nails faster and stronger. Following these remedies can be very effective for a person with short, brittle nails.

However, your internal health condition should be perfect to get that long, strong and beautiful nails.

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