Magical Homemade Skin Whitening Recipes For Glowing Skin

Fair skin is not only preferred by women but also by men. People state to concentrate on fairness from childbirth to the bride and groom selection in marriage.

These type issues make people give more importance to Skin lightening. Dark-skinned people try many natural skin whitening methods and commercial products to get fairness very quickly.

The results obtained by commercial products are temporary, but the natural skin lightening remedies are very effective, no side effect and are permanent.

When compare to commercial skin brightening products natural skin lightening agents are good. They are less expensive and easily available too.

This page best herbal skin whitening recipe gives an idea to prepare natural beauty recipe at home easily. Commonly used Natural skin whitening at Home

Skin Whitening Home Remedies Through Facial Treatment

The skin tone can be changed through a beauty treatment called facial.

This can be done easily at home through the facial method.  The below-mentioned methods are called effective natural skin whitening.

Fruits Facial

  • Wash your face with green gram powder. And wipe with fresh milk before doing fruits facial.
  • Take 1tsp of cucumber juice or strawberry juice and keep in the freezer. Wipe your face with cotton dipped in fruit juice.

  • Take mashed papaya, and give massage for your face in a circular movement.
  • Then take 1tsp of mashed papaya, 2 drops of honey and 1tsp of milk mix well together.
  • Apply these fruits face pack recipe regularly to get fairness naturally.

Vegetable facial

  • Wash your face with green gram powder. And wipe with fresh milk before doing vegetable facial.
  • Do massage by using mashed cabbage leaves for your face in circular movements.
  • Then do face pack with the mixture of mashed cabbage honey and milk thrice a week.
  • This will remove all the dark spots and make your look fair.

Natural skin whitening with saffron

Ingredients for skin lightening recipes homemade

  • Saffron – 25 g
  • Val pepper – 25 g
  • Clove – 25 g
  • Basil – 25 g
  • Benzoin flowers -25gm

Grind all the Natural Skin Whitening Recipes ingredients by using a mixture grinder. Then take 1tsp of ground fairness powder mix with milk or rose water.

This is called natural skin lightening cream using saffron. Apply this paste regularly for your skin to get fairness naturally.

The great medicinal power of saffron will cure eye dark circles, dark spots, pimples, and blackheads. You might also like: Can Kojic Acid Permanently Lighten Skin and How to Use It

Banana skin whitening cream recipes


Take one banana and mash well like a fine paste. Add 3 drops of honey, 2tsp of orange juice and 5tsp of green gram powder with banana mash.

Apply this paste for your face daily, leave for 10min and wash your face. Or


Add banana paste with 1tsp lemon juice and 1tsp of amla juice. Apply this paste to get fairness quickly.


You can use Kunkumathi Thilam which is available in the ayurvedic shop.

Make a paste of  Kunkumathi Thilam with rose water or milk Apply this regularly to get a natural way of skin whitening.

Prepare these skin brightening recipes homemade easily with your kitchen ingredients and get the benefits.

Share your natural skin whitening cream reviews and experience with us through valuable comments. You might also like: How to Remove Sun Tan from Face and Neck at Home

Natural Skin Lightening Foods

All the above mentioned natural skin whitening recipes are for external use.

There are some natural skin brightening foods, which reduce the production of melanin and lighten the dark skin.

  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily and eat food with more antioxidants.
  • The food rich in antioxidant is orange, blackberries, grapes and blueberries.
  • Eat more leafy vegetables, watermelon, garlic, carrots, and pomegranates, avocados

  • Vitamin C is very important for glowing and fair skin. Eat more Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables
  • Give more importance to natural food, have green tea twice a day.
  • Drink a glass of milk added with 1tsp of honey and 1/2tsp of saffron to get fairness.

Extra Tips for Skin Whitening at Home with Natural Ingredients

The more effective ingredients in homemade skin lightening tips home remedies are as follows.

  • Lemon Juice and  honey
  • Saffron and cucumber juice
  • Green gram powder and rose water
  • Orange juice and tomato Juice
  • Banana and honey

Tips Number 1:

The required ingredients are Multani mitti and saffron. Take Multani mitti and saffron in equal proportion.

Mix well and apply for your face. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash your face.

Tips Number 2:

The required ingredients are saffron and butter.  Soak saffron in 1tsp of water for 15minutes.

Then add 2tsp of butter and make a paste. Apply this for your face, leave 20 minutes and wash your face.

Tips Number 3:

The required ingredients are fresh milk and saffron. Take 2tsp of saffron and make it as a nice powder.

Mix with fresh milk and apply for your face to get fairness

Tips Number 4:

The required ingredients are 1tsp lemon juice and 1tsp cucumber juice. Mix the juice and apply for your face daily. This is a skin lighter which turns the black skin into white.

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