Is Using a Dry Shampoo really Bad for Your Hair and Scalp?

There is a lot of confusion among people while using dry shampoo. Some of them think that dry shampoo can be harmful to the hair and scalp.

And some think it works like a miracle for their hair. But it depends on how you use the dry shampoo on your hair. You do not have to avoid using it.

For boosting fine flat hair, dry shampoo work as a wonder. A person with a tendency of hair falling flat easily can try dry shampoo to get natural texture and volume.

So today in this article we are going to discuss how dry shampoo works? And whether it is safe for our hair?

Is Dry Shampoo Bad for Your Hair and scalp?

As we are following a busy schedule we often do not have time to wash our hair every day.

So using dry shampoo can be convenient to maintain smelly and greasy hair. But using dry shampoo daily can damage your hair as well.

Dry shampoo only soaks the excess oil from your scalp and hair without cleaning it. A powder-based dry shampoo can mix with the excess oil present on your scalp.

This can even block follicles and stop hair to grow. It can also lead to seborrheic dermatitis.

People can’t ignore using dry shampoo as it decreases the frequency of hair washes. But though using dry shampoo is convenient it could damage your hair if used daily. Read Also: 3 Best Way to Treat Split Ends Without Cutting Hair Naturally

Can Dry Shampoo Damage Your Hair?

The dry shampoo contains ingredients like thickeners and silicon which can be harmful to your hair and scalp.

These ingredients do not wash off easily and stick to your scalp. As a result, the pores on your scalp get clogged and new hair stops growing.

Alcohol-based dry shampoo can make your hair dry. It helps to remove excess oil from the scalp but dries up the natural oil from your hair and scalp. Thus your hair loses natural flexibility.

Along with the excess oil powder-based, dry shampoo can also trap the environmental odors.

Not all variety of dry shampoo contains added perfumes to make your hair smell fresh. So you are taking out the good stuff along with bad ones from your hair. You might also like: What is Exactly Remy Hair? Everything You Need to Know

How to Use Dry Shampoo to Get a Visible Result?

Now let us find out how to use a dry shampoo to clean our hair by keeping it flexible and silky.

Allow It to Sit for Some Time

Often we brush our hair soon after applying the dry shampoo. So it does not get time to sit.

The extra shampoo gets stuck on our hair strands due to which our hair falls flat easily. And it does not provide proper texture and volume to our hair.

Apply Dry Shampoo on the Hair Strands

We often sprinkle or spray dry shampoo directly on our hair. Apply the dry shampoo mostly to the hair strands and not to the scalp to get effective results.

Let it get absorbed for some time and then brush your hair. In this way, you can remove the excess greasiness from your hair without clogging the follicles.

Using Too Much Can Be Harmful

We use dry shampoo excessively when we don’t have time to take a shower or we need to attend a meeting.

Though we know it is needed to be used in a pinch. Using an excessive amount of dry shampoo on hair and scalp can make your hair dry and damage.

It soaks the natural oil from your scalp and stops your hair to grow.

So these are some of the tips of using dry shampoo on your hair. Though using dry shampoo is convenient and easy, but it should be avoided.

And if you see a sign of seborrheic dermatitis after using a dry shampoo, then it is important to consult a dermatologist.

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