Is Lemon Water Bad for Your Teeth and Cause Enamel Erosion?

Health experts claim that drinking lemon water in the morning is great for your health.

Drinking warm water with freshly squeezed lemon helps to flush out toxins from your digestive system.

It stimulates digestive enzymes and improves digestion. Drinking lemon water can also help you to lose weight.

Although it has several benefits drinking lemon water can damage your teeth. In this article, we will let you know is lemon water bad for your teeth?

Tooth Erosion Can Be Caused by Lemon Water

Acidic food and drinks may cause tooth erosion. As lemon has acidic properties so, there can be loss of tooth enamel when it comes into contact with your teeth.

When your enamel erodes the underlying dentin which is yellow color becomes more visible.

Loss of tooth enamel can also cause sensitivity. You may feel your teeth to be coarse to the tongue.

The erosion of your tooth increases if the temperature of the water is high. Several other acidic foods also have the same effect.

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How Can I Drink Lemon Water Without Damaging My Teeth?

Use Straw Drink lemon water through a straw so, that it bypasses your teeth.
Avoids Brushing After drinking lemon water avoids brushing your teeth for 30 minutes.
Chew Sugar-free Gum To neutralize the acidity in your mouth by producing more saliva, chew sugar-free gum after consuming the lemon water.
Lessen Acidity To lessen the acidity, mix the lemon juice with 250ml of warm water.
Use Soft Toothbrush Do not brush your teeth aggressively and always use a fluoridated toothpaste and a soft toothbrush.
Rinse Your Mouth Rinse your mouth with water after drinking lemon water to remove acid from the surface of the tooth.
Drink Plain Water To flush away the acid from your teeth you can also drink plain water after consuming lemon water.

Can Enamel Erosion Be Restored?

Enamel erosion cannot grow back as it is irreversible. But you can consult your dentist if you think you have tooth erosion.

Dentists can provide you the best treatment and help to prevent further damage to your teeth.

So, these are some tips to prevent tooth damage caused by drinking lemon water. Erosion is caused most commonly by an acid attack on the tooth enamel.

But consulting a dentist will prevent further erosion and preserve your smile. So, keep drinking lemon water to detoxify your system and for clear skin. You might also like: Is Vitamin Water as Healthy as We Think It to be

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