Is It Possible to Get a Suntan When It's Cloudy Out

When summer sets in everybody are eager to tan their skin as the sun is high in the sky during this period.

During this time the UV rays find their way into your skin and your skin turns out to be lobster-red and golden brown.

People often get worried about cloudy weather and they wonder if tanning on a Cloudy Day is possible?

But experts say that you can still get your skin tanned during cloudy days because some of the UV rays can still get into your skin.

The production of melanin gets enhanced when the UV rays penetrate your skin, and you get that perfect tanned look.

But nowadays people often ignore to get directly exposed to the sun rays, as it can harm their skin. People are adding more sun-protective clothes to park picnics, hiking and to the beach.

In this article, we will let you know how long does it take to tan on a cloudy day and how to achieve that perfect tanned look?

Is It Possible to Get a Tan During Cloudy Days?

Clouds also allow 90% of the UV rays to penetrate your skin. So, you can get that sun-kissed look during cloudy days.

And you do not have to postpone your tanning session when it’s cloudy.

To get that bronze glow you need to avoid 10 am to 4 pm timing. As at this period of time the sun is at its immense power.

Exposure to sunlight during this period of time can burn your skin leaving a reddish pain for you.

Your tanning session should be well planned to depend on the weather condition.

How to Achieve Perfect Looking Tan During Cloudy Days?

By following the tips below you can get that desired tan even on cloudy days and without causing any damage to your skin.

Get Your Skin Prepared Before Tanning

You can still get sunburn during cloudy days especially if you have light fair skin. So, to get that beautiful tan without burning your skin you need to follow these pre-tan steps.

  • A day before the tanning session you need to exfoliate your skin with a natural scrub to remove the dead skin cells. To get a long-lasting tanned skin it is better to tan on fresh skin.
  • After taking shower apply a good quality moisturizer to keep your skin healthy.
  • It is necessary to use a sunscreen before hitting the sun even during cloudy days. A sunscreen with SPF 10 to 15 can be very effective. The SPF will reduce the risk of burning skin.
  • A tanning lotion with low SPF can give your skin maximum protection during tanning on a cloudy day. Before tanning applying baby oil can cause skin damage because it fastens the tanning process even during cloudy days.

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Tanning Should Be Done at the Right Time

As mentioned earlier you should maintain a pre-planned tanning schedule. Avoid being in the sun between 10 am to 4 pm to save your skin from getting burnt by the intense UV rays of the sun.

A person who has darker complexion has less chance of getting red patches due to sunburn than a person with light and pale skin.

Choose the Right Spot to Get Tanned

As the UV rays can penetrate clouds and affect your skin so it is advisable to choose the right spot even during cloudy days.

Less cloudy spots can help to get that perfect tanned look without burning your skin. So, it is always better to pick a spot that has minimal cloud coverage.

But sitting under a shadow of a fence or trees cannot give you that desired tanned look so, try to avoid these spots.

A Comfortable Towel or a Lounge Chair Can Be Helpful

During tanning, it is very important to be comfortable as well. Lying on a comfortable towel or a lounge chair can be helpful.

You need to elongate your entire body and spread your legs and arms so that they can get fully exposed to the rays.

Keep turning on your back and sides and avoid staying in one position for long. To tan every area of your body you need to rotate from a position at least after 10 minutes.

If you have light fair skin then it is advisable to get tanned for short periods to avoid skin burn and damage.

Care You Should Take After Tanning on a Cloudy Day

To get that long-lasting and shining tan look proper care should be taken after the tanning session.

Take a Shower After getting tanned, take a shower to stop the pores of your skin from getting clogged due to dirt, sweat, and creams. Over exfoliating should be avoided.
Moisturizing After shower applies a good quality moisturizer depending on your skin type.
Drink Plenty of Water Exposure to the sun rays can lead to dehydration. So, drink 12 ounces of water daily to keep yourself hydrated.

So these are some tips to understand how long does it take to get a tan? By following these simple tips you can get the color you have dream of without getting skin burn and damages.

UV rays can easily pass through the fluffy clouds and penetrate your skin, as clouds cannot protect the UV rays very well. So, avoid overexposure of the UV rays of the sun even during cloudy days.

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