Is It Possible to Dye Wet Hair: 5 Easy Steps and Benefits

Dyeing hair makes your hair brighter and beautiful by covering greys. But people often wonder about can wet hair be dyed or dye should be applied only on dry hair?

In this article we will share with you some tips about can you dye wet hair and what are the benefits of dyeing wet hair.

Can You Dye Your Wet Hair?

Our hair is made of small scales that absorbs the dye or color when applied.

Colors and dyes contain some harmful components like hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. These components can cause damage to your hair and make it dry.

Wet hair softens the harmful effects of drying and the dye applied acts gently on wet hair.

But as the hair becomes more fragile when wet so, it can break out easily if the dye is applied.

But if you choose some ammonia-free semi-permanent hair dye or color then you can use it on your wet hair.

Is It Necessary to Wash Hair Before Dying?

It is not necessary to wash your hair before dyeing or coloring as some hair dyes work best on hair that is not freshly washed.

If there is no instruction given then it is better to keep your hair greasy before applying dye or color.

But excessive greasy hair can affect the hair color and the result may not be perfect.

So, you can wash your hair with lukewarm water before applying dye. This will remove any extra grease from hair.

You should not wash your hair just after coloring as this can strip the color from your hair.

You can also wash your hair with lukewarm water just after dying. May Be Interesting: Hair Dye Hacks: 7 Easy Ways to Dye Hair Grey Without Bleach

Benefits of Dyeing Wet Hair

Dyeing wet hair has some benefits. Let us find out the reasons behind dyeing wet hair.

  • People with coarse and thick hair can be benefitted by applying dye or color on their damp hair. But it depends on the hair color or dye being used.
  • If you want a low-maintenance dimension then try dyeing your wet hair. Bleaching your damp hair can create beautiful results.
  • Semi-permanent hair dyes can also be used on wet hair as it does contain components like peroxide and ammonia. The cuticles of your shaft will absorb the color easily.

Dyeing Wet Hair at Home

Some hair dyes and colors are not meant to be used on wet hair. So, you should not dye wet hair at home without proper knowledge of the product you are using, as it can damage your hair.

In-salon experts can decide how much dye is required for quality dyeing without damage.

In-salon the hair color or dye that will suit you is decided by your stylist. The color can be dull if you keep the composition for longer.

So, you need to follow their advice. In salons sometimes the stylist uses a special oil on your hair before applying the dye.

So, your hairdo needs to be wet. Some other issues of dyeing wet hair at home are given below.

Patch Test

Performing a patch test a few days before using the dye or color is very important to identify whether if you have any allergic reaction. But you may forget performing a patch test while fast drying.

Greasy Hair

There should not be any kind of chemical components used on your hair before using hair dye. But your hair should be greasy to absorb the pigment and get evenly distributed.

Colour Tone

While using dye on wet hair at home you may wait longer to achieve the same color tone that is on the package of the product.

But the hair of every individual is different from others and the way of absorbing the ingredients is also different. So, your hair color might not be the same as it is shown in the package.


The time of keeping the dye on your hair should be the same as done during the patch test. You might also like: Step-by-Step Guide to Use Wild Growth Hair Oil for Healthy Hair

Use Conditioner

To prevent your hair from damage after dying using a good conditioner is a must. But people often forget about it when using dye at home.

So, these are useful tips about can you dye wet hair. Now as you are aware of the fact of using hair dye on wet hair you can definitely try it out. Colouring wet hair causes less damage to your hair. But always consult an expert to get the best result.

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