How to Take Care When Squeezing Blackheads

Blackheads can occur in various places around the body. The most obvious places tend to be the face, ears, and nose. It is important to be careful when squeezing blackheads as you may end up unintentionally doing more harm than good.

A lot of people will use their fingers to do this. If a friend or family member spots them they may do this on your behalf as well. Unfortunately, there are natural oils in the skin and this can make the problem worse.

The reason for this is that they are caused by excess production of oil in the skin glands. Therefore using fingers, especially on unwashed hands will make the problem worse.

Take Care When Squeezing Blackheads

Another reason that squeezing them with your fingers is bad is that it is often painful, especially when someone else does it! They can also increase the risk of infection and leave unsightly scars on the skin.

This is why it is better to use a clean cloth or a strip to remove them from the face. If someone offers to do this with their fingers it is best to politely refuse and say that you will do it for yourself using a more hygienic method.

Take Care When Pop Your Blackheads

One area you should be especially careful about is around the ears. As well as being painful this can affect your hearing if you do not remove them carefully.

It is best to use a clean cotton bud or to use a clean cloth as opposed to digging in with the fingers. Be careful not to squeeze or scrub too hard.

The nose is often the most obvious place to see blackheads and people often find this awkward. Strips are good for removing them but you should make sure you follow the instructions of the manufacturer as careful as possible.

This will ensure the best results and minimize the amount of pain. Alternatively, you can use a metal hook-shaped extractor to carefully remove the blackheads.

As well as clearing them it is important to make sure the blackheads do not reform. This is why you should use a milder form of acne cleaning product regularly.

Ingredients such as cyclic acid will ensure that the skin stays clean. Additionally using an exfoliate around twice or three times a week can be equally useful. Some even use steam treatments to help open up the pores.

Research Acne Products Before Squeezing Blackheads

There are many products available on the internet that you can use instead of squeezing or to make it more effective. Feedback forums and customer reviews will help you see what ones are the most effective and are available for the best possible price. It is worth experimenting with some different products to see what one is effective for your needs.

In short squeezing blackheads should be done carefully and with the right tools. If you do need to use your fingers you should make sure they are clean.

However, a cloth, cotton bud or other implements should be used and it is worth looking online to find the right ones to suit your individual needs.

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