How To Remove Gel Nail Polish Without Nail Damage

Gel nails are actually nailed extensions or artificial nails which are actually a hard product of gel that is cured with an L.E.D. or UV light to harden.

The most popular of gel usage is in gel polish manicure. Sally Hansen and OPI are the two main branded types of gel nail polishes.

The most popular gel polish manicure uses gel polishes. This gel polish is high in shine quality with no chipping or cracking or peeling.

Gel nails are less rigid when compared to the nail extension of acrylic type. It provides a glossy outlook with quick curing time.

They dry quickly without smudging problems. However, their durability is less to acrylics.

There are two types of gel nails, Hard also known as file offs and soft also known as soak-offs. Soak offs can be removed by using acetone for soaking.

Acetone is a solvent that removes gel nails. File offs can be removed only by filing the Gel Nail Polish Remover.

How to avoid nail damage during the gel nail polish removal process?

Improver removal of gel nails has led to weak nails and dissatisfaction of employing gel nail polishes by women.

Improper removal causes:

  • Pits
  • Cracks
  • Chipping
  • Scrapes
  • Weak nails
  • White Spots
  • Injury of nail plates

The damage of gel nail polish removal is due to improper soaking of the nail thereby scraping which leads breaking of natural nail bonding.

Improper soaking leads to peeling or prying of gel and thereby natural nail coat.

When the outer coat is pulled off along with gel nail polish, it causes pockets, pits and divots formation in the nail bed.

Usually, nail technicians do not inform clients of this and imply it as dehydration due to acetone application on the nail plate.

It is important to know that the application of acetone on nails does not damage nail plates in any way though there are some oils eradicated from the nail.

Acetone shall not damage the nail or cause white spots even if they are soaked all day long. The only thing is longer soaking may make them dry due to the removal of oils.

But if there are pits and cracks due to the removal of gel nail polish then it is solely due to the force applied during the removal process and due to the effect on nail’s keratin layer owing to the impact applied in the removal procedure.

Generally, soak off gel nail polishes contain products that can be removed off easily upon soaking up in acetone for about 10 minutes.

A trained nail technician will check for its removal effectiveness once the foil wrapped around the nail soaked with cotton is removed.

If it is not coming off easily then she or he would rewrap for longer soaking rather than scraping off peeling it forcibly.

A properly soaked gel nail polish would be removed easily with a soft tool. An orangewood stick will come in handy to push off the soaked gel nail polish without extra force or pressure.

Some gel polishes would not even need this soft tool as twisting the soak off wrap off the nail will be enough to remove the gel nail.

It is important to understand that these gel nail polishes are nail enhancements and should not be nail replacements.

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