How to Remove Deodorant Stains From Armpits of Shirts Quickly

You will often find remnants of deodorant left behind on the armpit area of your dress when you return home from work or after a night out with friends.

Deodorant stains are not the same as sweat stains. Sweat stains occur when sweat gets mixed with your cloth, deodorant, and even with your skin’s natural bacteria.

However, deodorant stains are white marks that are made of salts and other ingredients that are used by us to prevent sweating.

When sweat mixes with these antiperspirant particles then some yellow stains are formed which is often hard to remove.

You will not want to leave the house wearing dresses with deodorant stains on the armpit area, especially in a black shirt.

Some deodorants stains can cause more trouble than others and it is very difficult to get rid of those hard stains.

Here we will let you know how to remove deodorant stains from the armpits of shirts and ways to avoid those hard stains.

Ways to Avoid Deodorant Marks

Let us find out some easy and useful ways to avoid those hard deodorant marks.

  • After applying your favorite deodorant give it a few minutes to dry thoroughly before wearing your shirt. Some brands of deodorant dry out quickly while others might take few minutes.
  • Clear gels often dry out rapidly so, try to use them.
  • Using thicker deodorants can take longer to dry thoroughly so, avoid using too much.

If deodorant marks are a reoccurring issue for you then, here are some useful tips to fix it quickly.

Use Vinegar

Using vinegar can remove deodorant stains from the armpit of your shirt effectively. Mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 4 cups of warm water. Apply the solution in a way that it properly gets rubbed on your dress.

You can also soak your cloth for an hour in a bucket of water with vinegar. Now, take a brush and then scrub the area with the stain. Then, wash your shirt with warm water.

Rub With Salt

Salt is easily available in our kitchen and can work like a wonder to remove deodorant stains from the armpit of your shirts. Add 4 tbsp. of salt to boiling water.

Now with the help of cloth rub the stained area with the salty solution. It might take some time to get visible results.

Apply Lemon Juice

Before washing your dress in your washing machine apply a mixture of water and lemon juice to the stain and leave it in the sun for an hour.

Lemon juice has a bleaching effect that can fade away the deodorant stain from the armpit of your shirt in no time.

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Try Ammonia

Using ammonia can work very effectively in removing deodorant stains from your shirt.

Prepare a solution of water and ammonia and dab it on the affected area before washing your shirt normally.

Mixing ammonia with bleach is not recommended as toxic fumes may form by mixing these products.

Use a Meat Tenderizer

Pour some meat tenderizer on the affected area and rub it thoroughly.

Leave it for an hour and then, wash your shirt in a washing machine.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda

Mix one part of hydrogen peroxide to one part of water and one part of baking soda to prepare a paste.

Apply this mixture to the stained area of your shirt and rub it with a brush. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes then, wash your cloth.

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Use Socks or Baby Wipes

You can use baby wipes or nylon socks under your armpit to avoid deodorant stains when going out for long.

By following this remedy you can easily get rid of deodorant stains. Before washing your cloth rub the stained area with wipes, dry towels, or makeup remover.

This remedy works effectively on colored clothes with fresh deodorant stains. Older stains on white dresses might take more effort to get removed.

Tips to Keep Your Clothes Clean and Fresh

Your clothes should always be clean and fresh to avoid those hard deodorant marks. Let us find out how to keep your clothes clean and fresh for a long.

  • Leaving damp clothes and wet towels in dark places after use can make it smelly and the stains can be more visible. So, try to avoid keeping wet and damp clothes in a laundry or gym bag.

  • Always wash your gear with warm water after a heavy workout and make it dry. This will prevent smell and stain from your clothes.

  • To prevent smell and stains dry your workout clothes completely before placing them in your laundry or gym bag.

So, now you do not need to worry about the deodorant stains under the armpit of your shirts as you know how to remove and prevent them.

Deodorant stains can make you feel uncomfortable. So, follow the amazing remedies above to get rid of those hard marks overnight.

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