How to Make Your Booty Look Bigger in a Dress

Making your butt look larger than it really is isn’t hard at all. I mean, if you’re going on a hot date and you need to quickly increase buttocks roundness or need it to be perkier, here’s what you can do.

1 Choose The Right Jeans for Bigger Buttocks

When it comes to jeans, find some that have Lycra. This is a stretchy material that molds to your curves and creates a better profile for your buttocks.

Popular jeans now have contrasting designs on the rear. My husband says, “They’re hot!” So I got a few pairs. Depending on the design, you can make your butt look bigger for sure.

Beware the “mom jeans”. These jeans are horrific and are only worn by mothers that have 10 kids… NOT you.

You want to look younger with a nice booty, and mom jeans will make you look older with a saggy tush.

The right pockets can do wonders for making your rear look rounder. But, make sure they’re not too big or else they’ll “flatten” you like a pancake. Smaller pockets are better.

Last but not least, you need to try on lots of jeans and find a pair that lifts your rear naturally.

It may take some time and travel, but by golly, you’re going to be happy when you find them!

So to sum it up, find jeans that are made partly with Lycra, have contrasting designs on the back pockets, have pockets that are not large, and make sure the jeans lift and fit you naturally.

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Another way how to make your butt look bigger is by standing correctly. It always amazes me how simple and effective “posture” is! When you stand or walk, stick out your bum a little.

I’m not talking about arching your back backward, just poke it out. That’s good posture.

Both these methods really are faking it, but in my search for how to get bigger buttocks, I found that occasionally faking it worked like a charm.

But remember, doing these things is NOT a permanent solution. It’s only temporary so you can look your best in public or on that hot date! Read More: Why Get The Thigh Gap? and What are the Benefits of Having One

What you really need to do (and my husband, Jordan, agrees) is to actually transform your bum into the perfect shape for YOU, having just the right roundness and lift.

When you can look at yourself in the mirror after a shower and see it without faking it, you know you’re on the right track. That’s what guys like anyway.

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