How to Loosen Tight Braids Without Much Effort?

Nowadays, braids are one of the most trendy and demanding hairstyles. But, as we say that every good thing has some disadvantages.

Getting your braid too tight can cause a lot of pain. If your hair is braided too tightly then, it will hurt your head and you will notice small bumps around your hairline.

Most braiders will braid your hair tightly so, that it lasts longer and you do not have to waste money on the same thing over and over again.

But excess tight tension can damage your hairline, scalp, and hair permanently.

Some braiders suggest their clients take aspirin to get relief from the pain. But taking pain killer every time cannot be a solution to this problem.

Tight braids can also lead to alopecia due to the inflamed sores and raised bumps on the scalp.

Hair being pulled over a long time, in the same way, can cause traction alopecia.

Permanent follicular damage can lead to thinning of hair, hair breakage, and stops further hair growth.

If you want to prevent your hairline and scalp from damage then, getting medium tension braids can be a good option.

Although the medium tension braids will not last long as the tight braids, they will prevent your hair from damage in the long run.

So, if your tight braid is hurting your head then, you are in the right place. Here, are some amazing tips to loosen tight braids effortlessly.

How to Loosen Tight Braids Effortlessly?

To relieve pain and alleviate the potential damage to your edges you can go through these effective steps below.

Leave-in Conditioner

Using a leave-in conditioner can be very helpful in losing tight braids and soothing your scalp.

If your scalp gets excess dry due to the tight braids then, using a leave-in conditioner can be a good idea.

To get the conditioner easily spritzes between your braids try to go for a spray leave-in conditioner.

Too much leave-in conditioner can lead to unwanted residue so, use a small amount.

Warm Water

Using warm water can be the best option to loosen tight braids.

To loosen tight braids rub your scalp gently and run your hair under warm water in the shower.

You can also massage your scalp using a wet washcloth with warm water. Then, pat dry your hair, and you will notice your braids be loosened.

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Scalp Massage

Getting a scalp massage can soothe tension as massaging increases blood circulation.

Moisture Boost For Hair And Scalp

  • Help low porosity hair remain moisturized

  • Reduce itchiness & flaking.

To get rid of tight braids gently massage your scalp using lavender or tea tree oil.

These oils contain soothing properties and thus, ease inflammation caused by tight braids. For maximum soothing effects go for try pattern beauty’s jojoba oil hair serum.

Wear Down Your Hair

To loosen tension caused by tight braids and weigh your braids down you should wear your hair down.

Making a bun or a ponytail post-braiding can cause a lot of pain and hurt your hair.

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If your tight braids are causing excess and intolerable pain then, it is better to remove them.

Before getting your hair braided always talk to your stylist about how tight braid you want to get.

Although this step is not satisfactory after spending a bulk to get the braided hairstyle, do remember comfort is more important than style.

Apply Heat

Applying heat to your tight braids can make them loosen faster.

Original Q-Redew handheld hair steamer

  • Uses water to create warm steam

  • Q-Redew is 120 voltage 650 watts

Using steam on your tight braids can be a good option. Try out Q-redew hair steamer for the same.

Discuss With Your Stylist

It is always better to talk to your stylist before getting the braided hairstyle. You can talk to your stylist over the phone before making an appointment.

You can also ask your braider to keep it a little loose during the procedure. As it can be a tough job to loosen your braid after the procedure is completed.

You can inform your stylist that your scalp is tender and ask him not to use excess tension before braiding your hair.

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Avoid Visiting Tight Braiders

A professional braider will definitely understand your concern and help you get a medium-tension braid.

But if your stylist does not care about you and your scalp health then, stop visiting them. After all, there are several options available.

Final Thought

Getting a braided hairstyle can be fun as it makes you look trendy. But very tight braids can lead to several hair problems and hurt your hair intolerably. So, try to follow the steps shared above to loosen tight braids effortlessly.

Excess tight braids can also cause soreness or follicular pustules which get inflamed and lead to alopecia. So, avoid getting too tight braids to make yourself comfortable besides being stylish.

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