Today, I want to talk about looking beautiful and trendy without looking like you’re trying too hard. I know this is a common question that I get, it’s a common dilemma for most of us and I think across the board it’s one of those things that we all kind of grapple with because you want to look modern, you want to look trendy, you want to look current but you don’t want to look desperate, or like you’re trying too hard.

And I think that is especially true as we get older, we wanna stay youthful but not looking too young. There is a fine line and it is kind of an art form.

So, I want to talk about some of the ways that you can do that and just kind of store up that information. 

So that when you’re getting dressed day in and day out, you can kind of think back to some of the things I talked about, just to help you to make it simpler, and what I hope is that this won’t deter you, or discourage you, but rather encourage you to take risks, to try different things because I feel like sometimes we shy away from trying different things because we’re worried about looking like we’re trying too hard, but we really shouldn’t. You really should take risks.

You really should push the envelope and you really should go for youthful and modern.

So I think that if you employ these tips, I think it’s gonna help you feel more confident when you’re getting dressed. 

The comfort level and confidence

The first thing I wanna talk about is your comfort level and confidence, and this two really go hand in hand because if you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing, you’re gonna be more confident with what you’re wearing. Here’s the catch though. 

A lot of times, we don’t wear new things, or trendy things because we aren’t used to them.

And so we’re not comfortable with them, and so we shy away from them. 

But oftentimes what you need to do is just try it a couple times and then once you’ve actually worn something or worn a trend a couple times, then it becomes more comfortable.

So I know that may be hard for a lot of you to do, it’s hard for me to do sometimes. It’s just sometimes there’s a trend that we’re like I don’t know, just it feels way out of your comfort zone, but kind of, if you just, you have to like ease into it.

Warm up to it a little bit and maybe that means like you’re wearing it around the house the first couple times. And then once you’re a little more adjusted to the trend, and that doesn’t feel so foreign to you, then you wear it out and about, you feel much more confident wearing it. 

A pointed toe could be a good example like you’ve been wearing a rounded toe forever, and the pointed toe feels so weird but once you wear it a couple times, it’s no big deal. We went from boot cut jeans to skinny jeans, I’m sure in the beginning a lot of you were like skinny jeans are the devil, I’m never wearing them, and the next thing you know, you’re wearing the skinny jeans. Yes, you wanna be comfortable when you’re trying a new trend but also remember there is that period of discomfort where you’re not familiar with the trend and you kind of have to get over that hump.


Let me dive a little bit more into the trends because I feel like this is an important point to make when it comes to obviously look trendy, without trying too hard. You do want to pick and choose, pick the trends that really speak to you. I think when in doubt, you should pick one trend, and keep everything else real classic and minimal. And then that way, you’re gonna feel a lot more comfortable and confident.

You’re just doing one trend, so it’s not gonna be over the top head to toe trend. You’re just gonna do one thing, that’s it. It’s nothing. Everybody can do that, so maybe that’s like a cool necklace, you know like a choker necklace, maybe that’s a fun statement pair of earrings, like this. You know, maybe it’s like a pair of white shoes. 

I feel like that’s a very easy way to kind of jump on a trendy bandwagon without going overboard. So something like this, just a pair of shoes, it’s not a huge commitment, or maybe around a bag, or maybe just a pair of sunglasses that are trendy. 

Mix high and low

(upbeat music) The next tip I wanted to share, is to mix high and low. I think there may be a tendency when we have like the special occasion or something going on, where we want to wear head to toe high end, head to toe logos, I think you look a little bit more effortless and subtle and understated when you go with the high and low mix. 

So maybe you have a really nice handbag that’s high end, but everything else is pretty you know, not luxury. Or maybe you have a belt that’s luxury and then everything else again in the middle of the road pricing. Just thinking terms of mixing and matching, the high and the low and also I would not go overboard on the logos, you know you’ve got the logo bag and the logo belt and the logo shoes. 

It’s just too much and we’re talking about looking like you’re trying to look too hard. I think that is a sure fire way to create that look. If that’s you and you’ve been doing that, I mean don’t get mad at me. (laughs) You should always wear what makes you happy. 

You should always wear what makes you feel confident and like a million bucks. I think if you’re going for this effortless look and this, I’m-not-trying-too-hard look, then you should minimize the logos. 

Matching set

The next tip to help you look like you’re stylish, or trendy, or modern but without trying too hard is to wear a matching set. And I know this is gonna seem so counter-intuitive, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve said, don’t be matchy. 

So, the beauty of the matching set is that it’s incredibly easy to do. You buy the blazer and the pants, or you buy the top and the pants, or you buy the jumpsuit that matches. You know, it’s a matching set. It goes together, you don’t have to worry about what separates to pair with it. It’s like a built-in cool factor. A built-in outfit, it’s super simple, super easy, and stylish, and has this again, this cool factor, that’s the trendy factor, but without being over the top. So, I think that that’s a little bit of an adjustment in our thinking again because for so long.  

You look youthful, you look modern but you’re not trying too hard. You know, which is the goal. I always try to envision like what would a French woman wear? French women would be understated. They would be elegant, they would be sophisticated,

One skin rule

The last tip I wanted to share is one tip that I’ve talked about a bunch, and it’s certainly not just limited to this article. I am talking about looking trendy without trying too hard. It’s kind of across the board, especially if I feel like as we grow older, and it’s the one skin rule, and it’s minimizing the skin exposure.  if you’re doing a whole thing here, like off shoulder top, one shoulder top. Maybe keep it more conservative on the bottom. 

I’m not saying like you go for full prairie skirt, maxi skirt on the bottom, but just more coverage on the bottom, more conservative on the bottom. So maybe do a pair of jeans instead of a skirt. In contrast, if you’re wearing a mini skirt or a mini dress, maybe do something on top, that has more coverage, like a mini dress with sleeves, or a pair of shorts with a tunic. 

Like a shoot in our summer lookbook post. You just think in terms of, if there’s a lot of skin showing on the bottom, You keep the top covered. There’s a lot of skin showing up top, you keep the bottom covered. The best strategy to achieve that effortlessness with your style is to look understated, subtle, elegant, classy and all of that will give you that desired effect. 

So I hope that was helpful to you guys. Those are our tips. Do let me know if you have any questions.

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