How to Handle Sciatic Nerve Pain During Your Pregnancy

Some women suffer from sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy. This can be mainly attributed to bad posture during the months that one is pregnant.

Excruciating lower back pain may be experienced when the sciatic nerves located at the base of the spine flares up and gets infected.

Should You Consider Surgery to Ease Sciatic Nerve Pain During Pregnancy?

Although surgery is one of the options in getting rid of sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy, it is not highly recommendable.

Here are just some of the reasons why you shouldn’t be setting yourself up in an invasive procedure for this particular case.

1. Surgery is Expensive

Surgeries are generally expensive; and as such, you should look into natural sciatic remedies first.

2. Surgery is Not 100% Effective

Although a successful surgical procedure can get rid of your lower back pain, the condition can recur again.

3. Consider the Side Effects

By undergoing surgery, you will be required to take some pain relievers after the operation.

Aside from the usual side effects of medication, it can also be harmful to the general condition of the baby inside your womb.

4. Sciatic Nerve Pain is Not an Emergency

As this type of condition is generally a non-medical emergency, you can delay this procedure while considering other safer options.

5. Availability of Natural Methods

As sciatic nerve pain is very common, you can try to avoid this situation by adapting proper posture all the time.

You can use pregnancy pillows that will support your back and your tummy. You might also like: What Foods to Eat During Pregnancy for a Fair Baby

The Solution to Sciatic Nerve Pain

Proper diet, exercise, and good posture can ease the problems related to sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy.

Aside from daily walks, stretching and putting hot packs on the affected area, you can also consider physical therapy.

Acupuncture and chiropractic treatments with over-the-counter prescription medicines also prove to be helpful but these are best considered after giving birth.

By planning and anticipating this problem when one is pregnant, you can prepare yourself from having this problem.

Sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy can be avoided by practicing self-discipline on your posture, exercise, and healthy habits.

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