How to Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees around Your House

How to get rid of carpenter bees? This is a question that many of us ask when we see these pests buzzing around our house or tunneling in and around our houses. When summer is approaching and with the emergence of the sun and the hot weather, this certain insect makes his way near homes and it can be very annoying.

If they breed into huge colonies, the damage can be devastating. This certain pest is the carpenter bee. These bees are bigger than traditional bees and generally darker.

They are mostly black rather than black and yellow like honey bees or bumblebees. If a carpenter bee colony settles near your house, you may want to learn how to get rid of carpenter bees.

Carpenter bees look similar to regular bees and bumblebees but their attitude is very different. Carpenter bees are known to cause a lot of damage to houses since they love to burrow into wood.

Now to get rid of carpenter bees, there are different possible solutions. They range in difficulty and cost so it is important to analyze all the options.

Hiring a professional is always the best option since they have experience getting rid of carpenter bees on a daily basis. They will also guarantee that the bees will be gone.

This guarantee cannot be provided if you attempt to get rid of the bees yourself. However, as we all know, a professional exterminator could be expensive and this cost would increase depending on the size of your problem.

As a result, trying to get rid of the bees first before hiring a professional could be a good idea and very cost-effective. Now let’s learn what kind of options you have.


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Plug the Entrance of Their Nests

Plug the entrance of their nests with caulk or a sort of tough putty. This is the cheapest option but not always the best one. Blocking their entrance may deter them from coming back and may prevent some damage. It doesn’t kill them and there is always the possibility that they do come back.

Vacuum them Out of their Nests

Vacuum them out of their nests. This can kill a lot of the carpenter bees that are damaging your house. It was killing them instantaneously. The only issue is that not all the bees may be present in the nests so you won’t effectively kill them all. Therefore they can come back and breed some more, thus increasing the problem.

Use an effective insecticide

Use an effective insecticide such as Raid. Chemicals can be expensive. However, this is a very effective treatment. It will kill all the carpenter bees that are currently in the nest and it will also kill the other bees that return. This could end the infestation and stop all damage.

Call an experienced carpenter

Call an experienced carpenter bee exterminator who can kill the carpenter bees and perform preventative measures to stop them from coming back. Once again, this is the most effective solution but also the most expensive.

You should know that getting rid of carpenter bees is no easy task! But nonetheless there are a few different things you can do to get rid of them.

Therefore it is very important to consider all your options. Plugging the entrance or vacuum them out can be done at practically zero cost. It is a good idea to try those alternatives first

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