How to Choose the Best Nail Shape for Short Chubby Fingers

Keeping nails in shape enhances the look of your finger. But if you have short and chubby fingers then you may wonder which nail shape can suit your finger the best.

Everybody has a different finger and nail shape and size. So, the nail shapes that go great with a person may not look good with the shape and size of your fingers. so, let us find out what are the best nail shapes for fat fingers.

How to Shape Up Nails for Chubby, Short Fingers

It is often harder to find the perfect shape of your nails if you have fat, chubby fingers.

But giving your nails a proper shape can even make your short and fat fingers appear beautiful.

There are some nail shapes like stiletto, oval, and almond that you can try out with fat fingers. These shapes can make your fingers appear to be longer and slimmer.

Try to avoid shapes like round or squoval as these shapes can make your fingers appear to be larger and short than they actually are!

To get a more effective appearance choosing the right nail shape is very important. So, let us find out which nail shapes can give your short and chubby fingers an elongated and sleek look.

Are You Struggling to Grow Your Nails?

Growing your nails can make your fingers appear longer and slender. You can try out acrylics to make your nails look beautiful but long-term use of acrylic nails can cause damage to your natural nails.

While removing the acrylic nails sometimes, your natural nails can get removed. Also, the glue used while applying acrylic nails can damage your nail beds.

So, it is better to grow your natural nails and keep them healthy. Often people face problems growing back their natural nails after cutting, picking, or bitting them.

Here are some amazing tips to help you grow back your nails and keep them healthy.

Use Cuticle Oil

Your nails also need adequate moisturizer and vitamins to strengthen and grow. Applying cuticle oil daily can keep your nails healthy and prevent breakage.

There are several cuticle oils available on the market. the nourishing cuticle oil by London town is one of the best products to grow your nails quickly and keep them healthy.

This oil works best on severely damaged cuticles, and dry cuticles and speed up the growth of your nails. This cuticle oil is vegan and does not contain any harsh chemicals.


Before getting your regular manicure you need to decide whether you want oval or almond-shaped nails.

Now, start rounding them through regular manicures to maintain proper nail shape and make your nails grow faster.

Nail Gel

Gel manicures give extra strength to your nails thus, help them grow faster.

If you want to try out the gel manicures then, remember to change the color every fortnight and refrain from peeling it off. For the best result go for the gel manicures in London town.  

Best Nail Shape for Chubby Fingers

For chubby and fat fingers you can opt for these nail shapes: almond, coffin, or oval.

These nail shapes will definitely make your nails and fingers look longer. your chubby fingers will be hidden under the tip of the nails.

Selecting the right shape of nails for your fat fingers depends on the length and width of your nails.

Let us find out how the different shapes of nails work on your fingers.

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Almond Shape

One of the best nail shapes for your chubby fingers is the almond shape. Almond-shaped nails have slim sides with tapered and rounded tips.

This nail shape is very demanding among people with fat and short fingers.

It makes your fingers look more extended and slender. The slim sides of an almond shape nail go very well with chubby fingers.

Oval Shape

Oval shape nails are ideal for people with fat and short fingers. This shape of the nail is easy to make and looks gorgeous as well.

An oval-shaped nail is the best choice to make your nail look skinnier, thinner, and longer.

This shape of the nails also matches almost every kind of clothes and also gives a feminine look. You might also like: 7 Simple Homemade Remedies to Make Your Brittle Nails Strong

Coffin or Stiletto Shape

A coffin or stiletto-shaped nail is the best nail shape for fat fingers. This shape of the nail looks like a stiletto and needs constant care to maintain.

But even with little modification, you can get that perfect shape. Coffin-shaped nails are also known as ballerinas nails.

The Shape You Should Avoid for Fat Fingers

There is some nail shape that can make your fat fingers look shorter and fatter. So you need to avoid these nail shapes.

Round Shape

A round nail shape can give a wrong effect on chubby and short fingers.

Though this nail shape is simple to create It will make your fingers look more stumpy and short. Also Read: How To Remove SNS Nails With Or Without Using Acetone

Squoval Shape

A squoval nail shape is best for people with long fingers. So if you have fat fingers then, avoid this nail shape.

The squoval nail shape will make your chubby and short fingers look chunkier. You might also like: Treat Ingrown Toenail Pain With These 5 Essential Oil

So, these are some of the best nail shapes for fat fingers. Knowing the details of the physical appearance of your nails like the length and width of your nails can help you to choose the correct shape easily.

You can go for all the three nail shapes mentioned above if you have fat and short fingers.

So, now do not hesitate to shape up your chubby nails to make them look elongated and thinner.

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