How to Apply Blush Based on the Shape of Your Face

Blusher (Your Instant, Healthy-looking Glow) More than simply color for the cheeks, a well-chosen, well-applied blusher can endow skin with a fresh, young-looking bloom that enlivens the entire face.

Most women whatever their age need a blusher to freshen their complexion, especially when they are tired or under the weather.

Then, as skin loses pigment and pinkness with age, blusher becomes essential. The perfect one-stop cosmetic lightly dusted on cheeks, brow bones, chin, and hairline.

Blusher transforms “bare” foundation basics into a face full of warmth and vitality.

How to Apply Blush

Apply blusher over foundation. Apply a cream blusher before face powder and a powder-cream or powder blusher after face powder.

Pick up less blusher on the brush that you think you will need. sometimes just touching the compact gives you enough color. Remember it’s easier to add than to dilute blusher once it’s on the skin.

Dust over cheeks in a circular motion. Sweep upward from just under cheekbones to blend the edges.

Echo the effect more faintly on brow- bones, temples, and hairline. You might also like: 5 Eye Makeup Products That Makes Your Eyes Bigger Instantly

Where to Apply Blusher / Blush

Finding the Highs and Lows

Blushing is a subtle and selective business that aims to mimic the pinched-check freshness of a brisk walk in the country. Check your face after exercise, making love or laughter: that is the look you need to recreate.

steps to apply blush on cheeks

Make a note of where the natural pinkness is most intense, that’s the point at which you start blending. Blusher looks most youthful when dusted on the cheek muscles.

Before applying blusher, smile to push up the cheek muscles – a useful tip if your face lacks prominent cheekbones.

Apply blush to the brow bones to give warmth to the eyes, and across the brow close to the hairline to relieve a high forehead and gaunt temple hollows. A touch on the chin softens a pointed or chiseled jawline and balances the face.

Brush Sense – Choosing the Right on

Most blush mistakes are made because the brush is wrong. Brushes provided in blusher compacts are a waste of space – too thin, not wide enough, and guaranteed to give you stripes.

how to choose the Right makeup brushes

The ideal brush is fat, round, and soft enough for the bristles to flex with your facial contours. Also Read: How to Make a Homemade Face Mask for Flawless Skin

Blush Powder Shading – is It Necessary?

The seventies trend for striping the face with bands of blusher, highlighter, and shaper were surely one of the most time-wasting, disaster-prone, and potentially unflattering phases in cosmetic history.

If you feel your face lacks shape bronzing powder is the best answer. It’s easy to use, does the trick subtly, and gives your skin an extra healthy glow.

Start from slightly under your cheekbones and dust upward. A touch along the jawline detracts from jowls or a double chin and a very faint whisper softens the tip of the nose. Add your regular blusher to cheek apples only.

You’ve Overdone It

Powder over the top to dull the blush. Use a damp cosmetic sponge to blend in a touch more foundation.


Then re-powder to give a natural flush finish that blends edges imperceptibly.

Too Faint?

Lightly retouch cheekbones only with the color remaining on your blusher brush. Also Read: How To Repair Sun Damaged Skin At Home

Do Broken Veins on Your Cheeks Spoil Your Blush?

Make them work for you. Calm veins with concealer, then powder. You will be left with a faint rosy glow. Dust similar toned blusher very faintly on cheek domes for a more controlled flush.

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