How to Actually Get Rid of Blackheads Already – 6 Simple Tips

Nothing glamorous today with blackheads topic but it is interesting to address this issue by explaining the formation of this madman and by giving you some recommendations.

Blackheads formation

Clearly, blackheads emerge following the obstruction of the pores, which means an excessive secretion of sebum generating a dilated of the sebaceous gland (responsible for the production of sebum) which then blocks the channel to the sebum to the skin surface.

Best Ways to avoid and remove blackheads’

The pores are then dilated as if their cells were “pushed” by the masses of sebum. This is what happens when blackheads appear.

It’s very simple; sebum accumulates in the pores and eventually rises to the surface of the skin. When it encounters the air, it oxidizes and turns black.

However, when they are there, it is very difficult to separate! You might also like: The Difference Between Blackheads and Whiteheads? We’ve Got Answers

Best Way to Get Rid of Blackheads

There are some tips to decrease and gradually reduce the appearance of blackheads, but it’s a long process, which requires regular attention:

  1. Clean your face with a gentle cleanser suitable & every night. Girls must remove makeup!
  2. After cleaning, favor a re-balancing lotion containing mint, parsley or tonic zinc which will purify the skin.
  3. Moisturize your skin daily with the care that is not too filling.
  4. Eat more fruits & vegetables! Foods high in fat can cause the appearance of blackheads amplified.
  5. Perform a gentle scrub every week (rather than grain-free: enzymatic, chemical, so as not to over-stimulate the sebaceous glances)
  6. Proceed once a week to steam or a facial made of plants or essential oils to clean the skin deeply, open the pores and facilitate the extraction of those with a patch.

How to Actually Get Rid of Blackheads Already

Be careful and not force the skin with the patch, if after pressing the “round” of blackhead, and nothing comes out, do not insist this means that the black dot is not mature in some way and need to wait a little longer …

The facial sauna consists to boil the water by adding plants or essential oils. You can make a steam bath by pouring your water into a bowl, adding your composition. It’ll be more effective than putting your face over the steam under a towel, or while using a specific device.

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