How Can Radish Seeds and Cucumber Juice Eliminate Blackheads?

One of the most common teen problems nowadays is the development of blackheads on the face. Some may not find it bothersome but the majority are looking for effective ways to get rid of them.

While there are several ways to eliminate blackheads, most people opt to use natural ways to prevent further skin problems. However, not all of the known natural ways to get rid of blackheads are effective enough to successfully eliminate the black spots.

How Can Radish Seeds and Cucumber Juice Eliminate Blackheads

Among the few that were proven natural and effective ways are the use of radish seeds and cucumber juice.

Radish Seeds for Blackheads

It may not be the first natural remedy one thinks of for getting rid of blackheads but radish seeds have been a great help to a lot of people for generations. Research has shown that the compound that gives radish it’s pungent odor and taste is a good anti-bacterial agent, which can also be found in abundance in its seeds.

The results of the studies done moved dermatologists to try using radish seeds in eliminating blackheads. However, the rise of chemical astringents overshadowed the use of radish seeds. Therefore, it is only used as a home remedy and nothing more.

get rid of blackheads with Radish Seeds

A lot of people can attest to its effectiveness and if you are interested in this natural method, here is how you can do it at home. Also Read: Will A Change in Diet Help Get Rid Of Blackheads?

Making A Paste out of Radish Seeds

  • Step 1. With mortar and pestle, make a powder out of radish seeds; make it as fine as possible. Make about 2 to 3 tablespoons of the powder.
  • Step 2. Now add few drops of clean water to the powdered seeds until it is a thick paste.
  • Step 3. Now, apply the paste to the areas affected or where blackheads are prone to develop. Let it dry for 20 to 30 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water and pat the skin dry.

You should use the paste as soon as possible. If not, then you can put it in a container and refrigerate it.

The paste will enter into the pores and kill the bacteria. Washing it off with lukewarm water will make the pores on your skin widen so that the dirt can be washed away.

You can repeat the same process every day until your blackheads are gone.

If you are not comfortable enough with the use of radish seeds, you have another option — cucumber juice. You might also like: 5 Home Remedies That Will Make Your Blackheads Go Away

Cucumber Juice for Blackheads

Cucumber is generally good for the skin as it makes the skin pores smoother and firmer that is why most facial cleansers nowadays contain cucumber juice.

Cucumber Juice for Blackheads

For people seeking natural ways to get rid of blackheads, this method is somewhat popular because aside from it effectiveness, there is no possible threat of other skin complications. If you are wondering how to use cucumber juice to eliminate blackheads, here is a step-by-step guide:

Making a facial cleanser out of Cucumber Juice

  • Step 1. Slice about 2 cucumbers as thin as possible.
  • Step 2. Squeeze the sliced cucumbers to let the juice out.
  • Step 3. You will use the unprocessed juice as a facial cleanser but before anything else, you should wash your face or the affected areas with lukewarm water to open up skin pores.
  • Step 5. Using a cotton ball, apply cucumber juice all over your face.
  • Step 6. Let it dry and apply more cucumber juice.

Cucumber juice acts as a natural antiseptic on the skin. If there are small wounds it prevents possible infections. It also has collagen which makes the skin firmer and fairer.

The Bottom Line

More often blackheads result from an unhealthy diet and improper hygiene. Also, they do not develop overnight thus they are the result of long-term negligence. While there are several ways to get rid of them, natural ways are the most efficient and safest way to do it. Natural ways of blackhead removal

do not just stop when the blemishes are gone; they usually lead to healthier skin; preventing other related problems such as acne and whiteheads.

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