How Attractive Can Deep-set Eyes Make You?

All of us have different eye shape that makes us beautiful and attractive. A deep-set eye is a shape of our eyes that is quite different. 

Deep-set eyes can reveal a person’s character and is unique from other shapes of eyes.

Here we will let you understand are deep-set eyes attractive and how to make your deep-set eyes stand out.

What Do You Mean by Deep-set Eyes?

People often wonder what are deep-set eyes. So, the answer is the deep-set eyes are deeply set in the skull and tend to be quite large. 

Some people get worried about having deep-set eyes due to different reasons and others considered it as a bonus.

Some people want to correct their deep-set eyes by applying extra makeup. But this can sometimes make your eyes appear to be sunken and small. 

Does Deep-set Eyes Look Masculine?

Many women often wonder are deep-set eyes masculine as both men and women can have them.

Like all other features of your body, the deep-set eye is a shape which can be different for different people. 

Women sometimes try to cover up their deep-set eyes using makeup as they feel it makes their face sink deeper and thus, find it less attractive. Men often accept this beauty trait quite easily. 

Here we will also talk about how to make our deep-set eyes stand out by sculpting them in a better way. 

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How to Identify Your Deep-set Eyes?

You can easily tell if you have deep-set eyes by analyzing your face while looking in the mirror.

You can also check your eyes in your photograph to find out if you have deep-set eyes. 

People with deep-set eyes have dark circles around their eyes and your brow bone seems to be heavier. These signs can help you to be sure that you have deep-set eyes. 

Celebrities like Taylor swift, zac Efron, cher, tom cruise, and Emma Watson also have deep-set eyes.

So, ladies, you do not have to worry about being less attractive with your deep-set eyes. You might also like: Quick Steps to Highlight Your Freckles With Makeup and Create Fake One

Are Deep-set Eyes Attractive on Females and Males?

Here, is a brief on how attractive does deep-set eyes look on males and females.


men with deep-set eyes are considered to be having “hooded eyes” or “hunter’s eyes”. They look much more attractive than women.

Men with deep-set eyes features, retracting eyelids, heavy brow bonds, and almond-shaped eyes. 


As mentioned above we all have different eye shapes that make us attractive in our own way.

Although the deep-set eyes look perfectly fine on women often try to cover them up using makeup. 

Women with deep-set eyes believe that their eyes are not as attractive as others so, they apply extra makeup to cover it up.

Extra makeup can make your eyes look harsh and sunken so, it is advisable to sculpt them properly. 

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How to Make Deep-set Eyes Stand Out?

This is one of the most crucial parts of having deep-set eyes, especially in women.

You can try out different things to make your eyes pop. Always, go for lighter shades while using makeup as using dark colors around your eyes and brows can make them look receding and smaller. 

You need to start your makeup at your lid. Apply the eyeshadow very carefully to your eyelids. Always use shades lighter than your skin tone.

Using dark colors on your lid can give your eyes a sunken look so, try to avoid them. If you wish you can apply shimmer.

The lining of your lid correctly is very important after using the eye shadow. To minimize the size of your eyelid consider lightly lining. 

Sometimes it is recommended to avoid using shadow on your crease as the color used on the crease will set your eyes backward.

But, if you want to use shadow here then, use a light brown shade and apply it slightly above the crease. It can make your look quite harsh so, it is better to avoid it. 

Natural makeup can make your deep-set eyes more attractive so, stop covering them with unwanted makeup. 

Are Deep-set Eyes Attractive?

You should always be happy with your body features and stop worrying too much about them.

As it is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder so, you should be overwhelmed with what you have. 

You can stand out your deep-set eyes without using extra and wrong makeup.

Using too much makeup can make your eyes look sunken and small. Your deep-set eyes are equally beautiful and attractive as other shapes so accept it happily without hesitation. You might also like: How to Give Yourself a Lash Lift at Home Without a Kit


We hope this article has provided all your queries related to your deep-set eyes. 

And the truth is your deep sets eyes are also attractive and make you look flattering as others. 

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