Here's How to Give Yourself a Lash Lift at Home Without a Kit

Permed eyelashes are very trendy and people often love to curl their eyelashes.

But we think getting a natural permed look without a perm kit is not possible.

The Eyelash perm kit uses chemicals to keep your eyelashes curled. But it is definitely possible to curl your eyelashes without a perm kit.

Here we will give you a brief on how to give yourself a lash lift at home without a kit and share some natural ways to perm your eyelashes.

How to Perm Your Eyelashes at Home Without a Kit?

Here are some effective ways to curl your eyelashes without a perm kit.

Mascara Gel and Heated Curler

Using a transparent mascara gel will hold the curl and the heated curler will help you to perm your eyelashes easily and give you a natural permed look.

Curl your lashes after heating your eyelash curler with a blow dryer. Your curler should be warm and not too hot as it can burn your lashes.

After using the heated curler apply a thin layer of transparent mascara gel and let it dry. Avoid applying too much as it makes your eyelashes too glossy.

Use only the amount needed for just holding purposes. You can go to etude house Dr. mascara fixer for the same.

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Wiggle the Mascara

Wiggle your mascara to de-clump hair strands and also to add a bit of color to your lashes. This will make your eyelashes look naturally permed.

  • Curl your eyelashes by heating the eyelash curler with a blow dryer.
  • Wiggle the mascara from roots to the tips of the eyelashes. Apply a thin layer of waterproof mascara.
  • Applying mascara will hold the curl of your eyelashes so, do not overdo this step.

Perm Your Eyelashes Using Vaseline

Using Vaseline can be a good option to lift your eyelashes without a perm kit.

Take some Vaseline on the back of your hand and rub gently using your fingers. This will make the Vaseline de-clump and will be easy to apply.

Now take the Vaseline in a spoolie and apply it to your eyelashes from the root to tip. Make sure to cover each eyelash strand with Vaseline.

Hold your lash for 10to15 seconds with an eyelash curler. The Vaseline will easily help you to lift your lashes and give a natural perm look.

So, follow the remedy given above to give a natural perm look to your eyelashes and lift them.

Use Pulse Curler

Using a pulse curler technique you can curl your eyelashes at the root, middle, and ends.

This technique can help you to get a natural-looking, long-lasting curl.

Using a blow dryer heat your eyelash curler. Now place and bend the curler at the root of your lashes and hold it for a second.

If the curler cools down heat it again before placing it to the middle part of your lashes. Now place and bend the curler slightly on the middle part of the eyelashes and hold it for a second.

Repeat the steps above for perming the end part of your lashes to get a long-lasting, natural permed look. You might also like: Ways to Grow Eyebrows Faster Than Anyone Else

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