Fix Nape Hair Breakage: Here’s an Easy Way to Make Them Grow

We all want long hair and thus, often try out several things for hair growth. Long and healthy hair enhances our look.

People often wonder does the nape region of our hair grows. The answer is YES. Unlike the rest of the hair, you can also grow the nape area of your hair.

Sometimes breakage can be noticed in the nape area so, proper maintenance is necessary to make your nape hair grow.

Using chemical products, heat and other styling products can stop the growth of natural hair at the nape region of your head.

Today we will discuss with you the causes of breakage in nape hair and how to regrow your scalp hair edges.

What Causes Breakage?

If proper care is not taken then, you can notice breakage in your scalp hair edges. Let us find out some other causes that lead to broken nape hair.

Breakage Due to Friction

Friction can lead to hair breakage in the nape region and stops hair growth. This mostly occurs on cold days when put on a woolly jumper and our hair often gets rubbed to it.

If you have long hair then, the ends of your hair get rubbed against your woolens and cause friction. You can prevent this by tying your hair up during this period of time.

Avoid Tight Hairstyles

Although tight hairstyles like a bun or a ponytail can hold your hair and keep it away from your face they can lead to hair breakage.

So, to avoid breakage of your hairline tries out some loose hairstyles. Also, make sure not to use tight elastic hair ties.

No Excess Effort Is Required

To make hair look beautiful and to hide the breakage people make an excessive effort in using chemical products, gels, and brushing constantly. This can cause breakage and thinness along the hairline.

Avoid Using a High Strength Relaxer

We all want to get super straight hair and use a relaxer to get the same. A relaxer with higher strength can cause breakage.

So, it is always advisable to use a relaxer with medium strength to get that desired straight hair without breakage. To avoid breakage apply the relaxer to the nape area last.

The nape area of your hair is more delicate than the rest of your hair. So, avoid using harsh combs and brushes to prevent hair breakage.

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How to Regrow Hair on Your Nape Area?

Growing hair on your nape region can take time. Here are some useful tips to help you to regrow your nape hair.

Clean and Condition

The hair in the nape region is often neglected from cleansing and conditioning.

But it is necessary to clean and condition your nape hair like the rest of the hair on your scalp. This can help you to grow hair in the nape area easily.


Massaging your hair and scalp encourages hair growth as it increases blood flow.

Unlike the rest of the hair, you should always give a gentle massage to the nape of your hair. Make sure not to use your nails while massaging.

Stop Excess Manipulation

Hairstyles that create constant manipulation can cause damage to your hair and the edges.

Due to excess pulling and styling, your hair can be severely damaged. Using protective styles to the nape region and the rest of your hair can prevent it from damage.

Also, try to use hairstyles with low manipulation and if possible leave out the edges of your hair when doing protective styling.

Use Castor Oil

Castor is very effective in stimulating hair growth. You can go for hot oil treatment using Jamaican castor oil every week to make your nape hair grow, along with the rest of the hair on your scalp.

Avoid Rubbing Your Hair

Try to protect your hair from rubbing against your clothes and woolens especially during cold days.


Also, cover your nape area with a headscarf to prevent it from breakage and hair loss.


Moisturizing your nape area using conditioner, the mask is very important to promote hair growth and to prevent breakage.

You can also use castor oil or coconut oil to seal in moisture 2 to 3 times a week.

Avoid Over-brushing

Over brushing can cause more damage to your hair and the nape area. This can lead to hair breakage.

Instead, detangle your hair using your fingers whenever needed. You might also like: Effective Ways to Control Short, Frizzy Baby Hair That Stick Up

Tips to Keep Your Nape Hair Healthy

  • Cover your hair and the nape area with a silk scarf before bed to prevent it from getting rubbed against the pillowcases.
  • As the nape area is more sensitive than the rest of the hair so, a heat protectant should always be used before using any high heat styling tools. Lower the temperature of the styling tool when you are using it on the nape region to prevent breakage.

The nape area is often overlooked as we think that the nape hair does not grow. But by following the tips above you can easily grow your nape hair and also prevent it from breakage.

Like the rest of the hair on your scalp, your nape hair needs proper care to make them flourish.

So, grow your hair as long as you want, after all our hair is the crown that makes us look more beautiful.

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