Fastest Way to Get Rid of Strawberry Legs

Strawberry legs will be a big problem for women because this one is a follicular issue and it can be seen for all skin types.

However, if you have darker skin pigmentation, you should be careful because women that have darker skin will have a big chance to get this strawberry leg.

Because of that, if you have this problem with your skin, it will be better for you to know how to get rid of strawberry legs on your skin.

Moreover, the tips to get rid of this strawberry leg are also better if you know some causes why you get this problem. If you know the causes, you will know the best tips for this symptom on your skin very well.

The beginning of getting Strawberry legs at your skin

Some women will decide to keep their beauty so that they will beautify themselves by the cosmetic idea at their bodies.

The most common, which is always noticed by women in this idea, is skin because the skin appearance will influence the women appearance getting more beautiful.

Therefore, some women will decide to get their hair waxed off at the salon to reduce shaving.

In this one, some techniques will influence women getting strawberry leg because, in this process, women will have dark pores on their legs.

Dark Pores After Shaving

The dark pores on legs also can be caused by shaving because it may leave small scratch at your skin. This one will be a big problem for women because this symptom will be a strawberry leg.

The dots as a shaving spot on the leg will be your big problem because it will decrease your appearance very much.

This one occurs because of the open comedones at your skin. The pores which are on your skin are plugged up with the semisolid oxidizes debris.

This one will excess oil and dirt and it will be black or brown when women shave and the pores are opened to the air.

In other words, the main causes of this problem are the open of someone at your skin. The strawberry leg is just open, dark skin pores that result when ingrowing hairs, skin oil, dirt dead skin cells, and so forth.

Therefore, other activity that can cause your skin pore is opened also can cause this problem at your skin leg.

Some people can suffer from this follicular issue that should be noticed in women that have darker skin.

Therefore, women should be careful when they do treatment for their skin because if they do not know how to treat their skin very well, they will get this strawberry leg without any difficulties.

Home Remedies for Strawberry Legs

It will be important for people to know how to get rid of strawberry legs. Since the strawberry leg can hinder your beauty, you should treat your strawberry leg very well to increase your beautiful leg maximally.

Relating to this idea, you may have an idea to hide your problem with the idea of dressing or fashion. It will be your camouflage to hide your strawberry leg.

However, it is not effective. Because of that, it will be important for you to apply the home remedy for your strawberry leg because it can cure your strawberry leg.

If you are interested in a home remedy, you should exfoliate to keep the skin pores clean. The darkness at the skin is caused by pore which opens and dirt.

Therefore, exfoliate will help people to rid the skin of dead skin cells and dirt. It also can unclog the skin pores.

Use baking soda

In this idea, the strawberry leg can be removed very well. You do not worry to use this idea because you can use the chemical exfoliants with glycolic acid, salicylic acid, or lactic acid as your active ingredients for treating strawberry legs.

You also can make this exfoliant by your own hand because you only need baking soda, brown sugar, and so forth as the ingredients.

Using the exfoliants is great for people that have sensitive skin. Furthermore, you also should do more exfoliating action by applying the sugar scrub after soaking the legs in the bathtub of warm water for about 15 minutes.

This method will have the function to open the pores on the leg without any difficulty. Besides, you also can throw aloe Vera into the mix aids for faster healing for dark pores because this one has rich anti-inflammatory properties so that your skin will be healthier with these aids.

Moreover, you also can use lemon juice to throw the stringent action for a quick treatment at this strawberry leg problem.

Try cucumbers

Furthermore, other types to get rid of the strawberry legs are using the cucumber juice at your leg.

cucumber juice has been found that can help to reduce the appearance of the strawberry leg and other parts of the skin.

You will have more advantages when you use this remedy in your home because this one will not harmful to such chemical substances. It is natural and it is also gentle to use for every people even people with sensitive skin.

To use this cucumber as your remedy is also not difficult to use in the home. You only need to peel a cucumber and mash it for making a smooth paste.

Applying the paste for your strawberry leg area in the morning because it is good to get rid of the open comedones on legs as the cause of the strawberry leg.

Oil massage to fix strawberry legs

Moreover, you also can find other easy ways in this strawberry leg. One of the easiest ways that can be used to get rid of this problem is using the oil massage.

Moisturizing with the natural oils, which is mixed with the Aloe Vera at your problem will help to increase the circulation for healing the strawberry leg.

Besides, you also can use egg white that can heal the dark pores faster because the egg white can directly affect pores.

To use this one is also simple, you only need to use as a masker and rinse it with cool water after 5 minutes in usage.

Use Tea tree oil

The tea tree oil also can be used for natural treatment because it has natural antibacterial properties and it will be effective with its 5% benzoyl peroxide for treating acne.

This one is good for open comedones on the legs and it also can add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil to a tablespoon of olive oil. You can massage the mixture of this remedy into the affected areas of the leg to cure the problem very well.

The Pulsed Light Treatment

Furthermore, to get rid of this problem, it is also important for people to make a treatment for their leg. To know how to fix strawberry legs is better if people do the treatment.

The intense treatments, especially for pulsed light treatment for a 30-minute process, will pierce deep into the skin.

This treatment also will offer advantages for people because the treatment will cause the blood vessels and collagen beneath the epidermis tighten, dipping redness and age wrinkles. It will offer the best one for your skin.

Moreover, this treatment is also comfortable so that you will not feel much pain during the process of treatment.

If you have some problem including mottled, sun-dented, or stained skin, or whose skin is influenced by the large pores, wrinkles, and freckles, choosing this treatment will be your ideal option to treat the problem very well.

The treatment also does not need more time so that it will be your suitable option if you have a busy schedule.

The most important that should be noticed by people in this treatment is that this one is safe and it will be the most effective treatment that would not leave any marks after the treatment. It will be fantastic to apply.

Pulsed Light Treatment Risks, Side Effects

However, this treatment also has cons for people because it will have the possibility of potential risk. The risk including blistering, bruising, scabbing, and changes in the pigmentation of the skin are available after people apply this way for their skin.

Nevertheless, those problems will fade away after some weeks of the treatment. Because of that, you do not worry when you apply this treatment for your skin.

The best one that can be found in this treatment is that people can perk up the skin texture for reducing the redness, or any sort of skin problems because this treatment is the safest and the most effective option for the strawberry leg. Because of that, the remedy at home is not enough to get rid of this problem.

The treatment, especially for pulsed light treatment with its features, will satisfy people to stop the strawberry legs very well.

The Best Tips to Remove Strawberry Legs

Furthermore, you also can choose the best tip to stop this problem on your skin. Using the soft dry brush and run it in circles over the dark pores of legs.

Besides, using the new razor and only shave when you are already in a warm or hot shower or bath for a while also can eliminate the pesky pores from showing up on your skin.

Moreover, you also will need other devices including electric epilators. This device can remove the hair, which uses the electric current resource. This epilator also will be your best tool for disposing of unnecessary hair on the body.

Besides, this device also can eliminate redundant hair without any difficulty and fast. To use this device will offer advantages for women because this electric epilator is capable of disposing of superfluous hair from the skin softly for weeks.

Besides, this device also can be used for women’s body including arms, legs, bikini area, upper lip, and so forth without any difficulties, effective, and quick. However, the problem with this machine is the price, which is expensive.

Does waxing get rid of strawberry legs?

However, people also need treatment for their dark pores. In this idea, people can use wax to reduce their dark pores on the skin. The waxing legs will be the solution because it can cure the dirty pores.

To get the best one in the waxing idea, people should not heat to wax too much in the microwave because it can cause burning. To get the best one in this idea, you should always press softly on the wax strip at your skin.

Furthermore, you also can use the best waxing product to get a satisfying result for your strawberry leg. The best wax will influence the result of your pores on your skin.

Choosing the waxing product, which can be used with olive, vegetable, or baby oil to act as a simultaneous moisturizer also will be the best choice for people in the waxing process.

Castor oil also can be combined for this idea to eliminate the hair at the skin. This waxing idea is good enough for people to apply in their home as the treatment to keep their skin from strawberry legs.

Tips to Prevent the Strawberry Legs Coming Back at Your Legs

Getting rid of the strawberry legs is not enough because it may come to your skin again. Because of that, it will be the best idea for people to prevent this problem from their skin to keep their beautiful leg well.

Gaining this purpose, the first thing that should be noticed by people is replacing the washcloths, loofahs, and bath mitts routinely. The harbor bacteria will come easily at your skin where it can contribute as the factor of strawberry legs.

Choosing the Right Soap

Moreover, to prevent this problem from your skin, you also should use soap, which has salicylic acid. This acid will help to exfoliate the skin so that the skin will be clean.

Besides, it also can prevent the recurrence of the open dark pores on the leg very well.

In other words, people should keep their skin very well by choosing the right soap because the soap also can cause some people to get strawberry legs.

However, the most important that should be noticed by people when they want to prevent this problem is that people should exfoliate their legs a day before they shave their legs. It will help people to lessen this strawberry leg problem very well.


Exfoliation is the best remedy for ingrown hairs so that this idea will solve your ingrown hair very much. The ingrown hair is also one of the causes of why people getting strawberry legs.

To get the best result during exfoliation, you should wipe the oil and dirt away from your skin. Wipe the dirt and oil away from the skin before exfoliation will offer the satisfaction result to get rid of the problem and this problem also will not come into your legs anymore.

Because of that, if you have a problem with strawberry legs, you do not worry because there are many ways how to remove strawberry legs. You can do this idea with a home remedy with a natural substance, which is safe to use on your skin.

Moreover, you also can use an electric device to get rid of this problem at your skin. Furthermore, making a treatment routinely for this problem with some ideas including natural or medical ways also can prevent this strawberry leg from your skin without any difficulties.

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