Eyebrow Tinting Vs. Microblading: Which One is Better

Our eyebrows are the most delicate part that can enhance our look if handled properly. They protect our eyes from dirt, moisture, and sweat.

So, to get that superior color and sense of fullness you can try eyebrow tinting and microblading.

Eyebrow Tinting vs Microblading

Microblading is a tattoo method to add pigment to your skin. Whereas tinting colors the hair of your eyebrow with the mix of dyes pigments to match your hair color.

In this article, we will share with you the difference between eyebrow tinting and microblading and exactly what they involve. Also Read: Do Eyelashes Fall Out: How Long Does It Take to Grow Back?

Eyebrow Tinting

To add more color to your eyebrow you can try eyebrow tinting which is a temporary process.

It is usually done with henna dye or salon-grade dyes. The color given matches your hair color and can make your eyebrow look fuller.

Eyebrow tinting can last for about 4 to 6 weeks. It is done in the same way as you dye your hair and, takes about 15 minutes.

Where Can You Get This Done?

Several salons and beauty spas offer this service. So, check out online to get this done.

Is Tinting Your Eyelashes Safe?

A 24 hours skin patch test is done before tinting to ensure you do not have any allergic reaction to the color of dye.

Tinting will only color the hair it is applied too as it is non-invasive. This process is safe unless you overdo it. And it does not hurt as well.

When the Color Can Be Affected?

When your face is exposed to the pool or sun and if the hair of the eyebrow starts growing then, it can affect the color.

Use a sunscreen before going out to make the color last longer. You might also like: 9 Super Foods to Eat When You are Trying to Change Eye Color

Is It a Good Option?

As it is a temporary process so, if you are not satisfied then it can be fixed easily.

But it is a good option for people with any kind of hair color. On the other hand, a tinting treatment can cost about 20-25 dollars.


This is a semi-permanent process that means the color will not disappear or fade for 6 months to 2 years once you have done it.

Microblading creates the image of more filled-in eyebrows by making small abrasions to the eyebrow and, filling the skin with pigment.

It occurs on the surface of your skin and not in the second layer of the skin. A microblading can last for 1 to 3 years. It can take about 2 hours to complete the process.

Where Can You Get This Done?

To get microblading you need to go to any certified esthetician. This may be a little hard to find but you can check out online.

Is Microblading Your Eyelashes Safe?

To get microblading done you need to follow the recommendations provided by any certified esthetician.

Before starting the process your beautician will apply a numbing agent so, that you do not feel anything while the abrasions are made. So, it is considered to be a painless process.

When the Color Can Be Affected?

Avoid water or sweat on your face for up to 10 days after the process. The hair growth, sun exposure, and any sweaty activity can wash the color soon after the process.

To make your eyebrows heal properly after the process you will need to avoid wearing make-up as well.

Is It a Good Option?

As it is a semi-permanent to permanent process so, you do not have to worry about getting it washed off. You can also have a ready-to-go eyebrow all the time.

But people with skin disorders and pregnant women should avoid microblading. It can cost about 350 to 400 dollars.

Which One is Better?

If you want to get a more natural look and more permanent color then microblading can be the best option.

Whereas, if you want to spend less money, less commitment, and less time then go for eyebrow tinting.

Just remember tinting is a temporary process and the color can fade off due to continuous exposure pool, sun, sauna, etc. too much tinting can also make the hair of your eyebrow brittle which may start falling out.

On the other hand, microblading is a semi-permanent process to make your eyebrow appear more dense and fuller. It is also not required to repeat the process frequently.

So these are the difference between eyebrow tinting and microblading. Try these out according to your convenience and satisfaction. And you can get the desired result in no time.

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