Effective Ways to Control Short, Frizzy Baby Hair That Stick Up

You cannot stop baby hair from growing out. The genetics of your hair follicle determines the shape and size of the baby hairs. After using any styling products you can notice these baby hairs to be frizzy.

There are two types of baby hair the superman curl and frizzy. In this article, we will talk about how to get rid of baby hair.

Baby Hairs – What is That?

On top of your forehead, you can find some natural curls. These are called baby hairs. Baby hairs can appear due to several reasons.

Causes of Baby Hair on the Forehead

Let us find out the reasons that can result in baby hair on your forehead.

Genetic Like the designing and forming of different body parts genes also play an important role in forming baby hairs on the forehead.
Hair pulling Pulling hair from the forehead can cause the growth of baby hairs on the forehead.
Wearing a cap or hat The hair on the forehead can be under friction by wearing a cap or hat. This can lead to the growth of wavy or curly baby hairs on the forehead.
Making tight ponytails Baby hair growth is formed on the forehead by tying tight ponytails.

How to Manage Baby Hairs?

To manage the baby hairs you can try out the following remedies.

  • Use mustard oil to manage frizzy hairs.
  • Gently comb your baby hairs after blow-drying your hair downwards.
  • Using coconut oil can be very effective to manage frizzy baby hairs.
  • Massage your baby hairs with almond or olive oil to get rid of it.
  • To set the baby hairs run your wet fingers through the baby hairs.
  • Comb your baby hairs with an old toothbrush after applying a strong hold hair gel or spray.

How to Get Rid of Baby Hairs That Stick Up

Both surgical and natural methods can be used to control baby hair. So, let us find out the ways to remove baby hair and flyaways.

Baby Hair Removal Using the Permanent Method

In permanent methods of hair removal, the hair follicles are destructed from the roots. Thus, it stops further growth of the hair. Though this method is very effective, is expensive as well.

Laser Removal of Baby Hair

In this process, laser light is used in areas of baby hair growth. This light destroys the hair root thus, stops the hair growth further.

In this process, the laser light penetrates through the hair follicles after getting converted into heat energy. This method is very effective in removing dark baby hair.

But before performing this treatment you should consult a dermatologist as this treatment could have side effects.

Electrolysis for Hair Removal Permanently

In this method, an electric charge is used for destroying the hair follicle from the root.

Though this method destroys the growth of baby hair permanently, it can be time- consuming. Electrolysis can be effective for all hair types. Also Read: What is Exactly Remy Hair? Everything You Need to Know

Baby Hair Removal Using a Temporary Method

In this process, a razor is held very close to the skin to perform hair removal. As there is a chance of getting injured so, it should be done by professionals.

Shaving to Prevent Baby Hairs

In this process, a razor and shaving cream is used to remove hair. This method can be easily performed at home. To prevent injuries the razor should be used properly.

Epilation of Baby Hair

This process is very effective in removing baby hair. Epilating uproots hair from deep within and helps to get rid of them. Also Read: Is Using a Dry Shampoo really Bad for Your Hair and Scalp?

Use Hair Removal Creams

Using hair removal cream can be the easiest and safest way. To remove baby hairs from your forehead you can use hair removal creams as well.

Though this process is painless, it can sometimes irritate due to the chemical content.

Baby Hair Removal Using the Natural Method

The natural method of baby hair removal can be done by using sugar and some different natural ingredients. So let us talk about how to get rid of baby hair on the forehead naturally.

Lemon Juice, Honey, and Water

Make a paste using 2 tbsp of lemon juice, 3 tbsp of honey and water. Apply this paste in the opposite direction of hair growth on your forehead.

After some time wash your forehead with cold water. You might also like: 3 Best Way to Treat Split Ends Without Cutting Hair Naturally

Egg White, and Sugar

Blend and prepare a mixture using cornflour, egg white, and sugar. Apply this paste on the baby hairs on your forehead. After 25 minutes peel it off.

Yogurt and Water

Make a paste using 2 tsp of yogurt and 2 tsp of water. Apply this mask on your forehead at leave it for 20 minutes.

Wash the area with lukewarm water. To get visible results to use this remedy twice a week. Also Read: The Truth Behind Using a Face Tape for Instant Face Lift

So these are some of the ways to get rid of baby hair. You can choose the method that is suitable for you. To avoid complications do not use bleach on the baby hairs.

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