Does Hair Dye Expire? How to Identify an Expired Product

You probably have several hair dye boxes if you are a fan of frequent colour changes. People often change hair colour to change their look.

When you change hair color very often then, you forget about the hair color present on your shelves. Because of this, the hair color gets expired.

If stored properly a hair color can last a lifetime. But using hair color after the expiration date can cause damage to your hair and skin as hair color left unused for long can go bad as well.

In this article we will let you know does hair dye expires and what are the side effects of using expired hair color.

Does Hair Dye Expire After Opening the Pack?

Every hair color has a different expiry date on the packing labels put by the companies.

If the pack of the hair dye remains closed after using it for once then, most of the professional hair dye can be used for 3 years after opening the pack. Expired hair dye can have an unpleasant and strong odor.

It will also get separated and need to be shaken before use. The effect and the quality of the hair color also decrease due to which you cannot get the desired color after using it.

Using Expired Hair Dye and Its Side Effects

The chemical present in the hair color changes completely when it gets expired.

So, using it can have several side effects on your hair and skin. Let us find out some side effects of using expired hair colour.

Uneven and Wrong Colour

Using an expired hair dye can leave your hair with patches of color that are uneven.

You will not get the desired and same color as shown on the box. You might also like: How to Remove Hair Dye From Skin

Burning Scalp and Burning Sensation on Skin

An expired hair dye can lead to hair loss and cause a burning sensation on the scalp.

Using an expired hair color can also cause a burning sensation on the skin and skin redness.

Expired Hair Dye Turns Hair Green

As the chemical present in a hair color changes when it gets expired so, using it can react differently with your hair and make it look green.

It is the same as the bleached hair that turns green when chlorine is used on it.

Ineffective Colour

Using an expired hair color can change the color of your hair totally different from the shade on the box that you might not like.

Sometimes using an expired hair dye can end up with no change in your original hair color.

Makes Hair Frizzy

Using an expired hair dye can sometimes cause severe damage to your hair.

As the hair dye passes its use-by date so, it makes you frizzy and brittle that falls off easily.

Excessive Burning

Besides hair loss, excessive burning sensation on the scalp is the most common side effect of using an expired hair dye. Also Read: 7 Best Keratin Hair Treatment for Dry, Frizzy Hair

The Colour Fades Away Fast

Hair colored with an expired hair dye fades away faster as the color does not remain as strong and intense as a new box of color.

4 Signs to Recognise an Expired Hair Dye

Here are some tips that can help you identify whether your hair color has been expired or not.

Water Like Liquid

An expired hair dye will have a water-like liquid on top of the dye as the chemical gets separated.

This indicates your hair dye has become bad and cannot be used. Also Read: Hair Dye Hacks: 7 Easy Ways to Dye Hair Grey Without Bleach

Swelling on the Packaging of the Dye

Sometimes swelling can be noticed on the packaging of the hair dye if it has been expired.

This is because air has caused oxidation by seeping through the box. No changes in the packaging can be noticed if it is a hard container.

Bad Odour

Your hair dye has been expired and cannot be used further if you get a spoiled odor from the dye. You might also like: A Complete Guide to Get Rid of Smelly Hair Without Washing It

Signs of Colour on the Lid

If the hair color has been expired then you may notice orange or yellow color around the lid of the box.

This is because air might have seeped through the lid as the lid may have gotten loose.

So, this is some information regarding does hair dye expires and what are the side effects of using expired hair color. The lasting of a hair dye depends on several factors. A hair dye has the potential to last for several years if stored properly.

But it is better not to use an expired hair dye as it has several side effects and can cause damage to your hair and skin.

It is always better to buy a small pack rather than storing it and using it after the expiration date.

But if you want to store and use a hair color then do not forget to close the box in a proper way. To get the desired color without any side effects it is always best to use a new bottle.

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