Do You Have Dark Nipples: 9 Easy Ways to Lighten It Naturally

The nipple color of every woman can be different from one another. If your skin is dark brown or black then, the color of your nipples will be black or brown.

On the other hand if your skin fair and bright then, the color of your nipples will appear to be fair.

Several factors determine the color of your nipples. The dark area around the nipple is called areolae.

The color of the areolae is darker for women with dark skin and lighter for women with fair skin. The color of the areolae can be black, pink, or dark brown as well.

In this article, we will share with you what causes dark nipples and how to lighten your nipple color.

What Causes Dark Nipples?

Other than your skin color there are several other factors like hormonal changes that can also make your nipples appear dark. Let us find out the causes behind dark nipples.

Hormonal Changes in Women

Hormonal changes in women can cause dark nipples as a hormonal imbalance can come up in different forms.

Dark Nipples During Lactation and Pregnancy

The color of the nipples becomes darker when a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding. The size and texture of the breast also change during this time.

Breast Cancer Treatment ( Lumpectomy)

The color of your nipples may appear to be darker if you have gone through any cancer treatment.

Taking Oral Contraceptive Pills

Consuming oral contraceptive pills can also change the color of your nipples and make them pale.

Effect of Menopause

After menopause most women notice their nipples to be paler and smaller. More Like This: Do Skin Lightening Creams Work For Dark Underarms?

Breast Augmentation Surgery to Change the Size and Shape

Paler nipples can be noticed after breast augmentation surgery to change the size and shape of the breast.

Can Dark Nipples Be a Bad Sign?

It is common to get darker nipples with age and time. With your increased age there is a lot of transformation in your body so, having darker nipples are natural.

Your skin color may also change by exposure to natural hazards. But nipple is the part of the body that is not exposed so, the natural hazards should not affect the color of your nipples.

Different Ways to Lighten Your Nipple Color

Women often want to get a lighter shade nipple color. So, if you want to lighten it follow the natural tips mentioned below.

Use Vaseline

To lighten the color of your nipples apply Vaseline and massage it onto your nipples.

Leave it overnight and rinse off the next morning. You can also use Shea butter moisturizer and lip balm.

Milk and Almond

Grind some almond and mix it with 3 to 4 tbsp. of milk to make a paste.

Apply this paste on your nipples and let it dry out for an hour. To lighten the color of your nipple follows this remedy regularly.

Applying mulberry extract on your dark nipples can make it lighter. The mulberry extract contains minerals and vitamins which revitalize your skin.

Curd, Tomato Juice, and Oatmeal

Prepare a mixture using oatmeal, curd, and tomato juice. Apply this to your nipples and leave it for 20 minutes. Then, wash your nipples with lukewarm water.

Oatmeal helps in moisturizing your skin, and the acidic properties present in curd and tomato helps to lighten your nipple color.

Apply Coconut Oil

Using coconut oil can be very effective in making the color of your nipples lighter. Apply some coconut oil on your nipples and let it get absorbed for some time.

Following this remedy on regular basis can give the desired result in a month or two. Coconut oil also moisturizes your nipples and prevent dryness.

Use Honey, Yogurt, and Lime Juice

Make a paste using honey, yogurt, and lime juice and apply it to your nipples. Leave it for half an hour and then, wash off. This can make your dark nipples lighter in no time.

Lighten Nipples With Orange Juice

Orange juice contains vitamin C that can easily lighten the color of your dark nipples.

Apply orange juice on your nipples and leave it for some time so, that the juice gets absorbed completely. After sometime clean your nipples with water.

Milk, Honey, Orange, Cucumber, And Avocado

Blend and make a paste using cucumber, milk, honey, orange, and avocado.

Apply this paste on your nipples and leave it for some time. Wash off with lukewarm water. Follow this remedy regularly to get a visible result.

Apply Honey And Lime Juice

Honey and lemon juice can be very effective in making your dark nipples lighter.

Mix pure honey with lemon juice and apply it to your nipples. Wait for half an hour and then, wash off with water.

Tips to Remember

  • If you have sensitive skin then try out only home remedies. Stop using if you notice any reaction.
  • The quantity of the ingredients used should be minimum as excess ingredients can make your nipples darker.
  • Avoid excessive exfoliating your nipples as it can irritate.

So, these are some tips regarding how to make your nipples lighter and what causes dark nipples. The natural ingredients used are easily available in your kitchen and they do not have any side effects.

Although darker nipples are common with age and time but always consult a doctor if you have dark nipples with pain, warmth or redness, and signs of infection with fever.

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