Complete Natural Foot Care Tips Pedicure At Home

Nowadays people aware of their beauty and most of them are showing special care to retain the beauty of the foot. The main problem for the foot is the cracks due to dry skin.

Feet cracking and peeling is a common infection for people those who do not want to wear shoes at home, having dry skin, body overweight, located in dirty areas and gardeners.

You can use natural foot care products along with below-mentioned treatment.

Natural Foot Care Tips gives you the best treatment to get rid of this problem through the method called Pedicure.

The first step in Pedicure at Home is cutting and shaping your nails.

Usually, we should not show more interest to grow nails in toes, but growing nails in a semicircle or square shape give good look for your legs.

Knowing the benefits of a pedicure, people started to practice this technique from ancient days at home.

The fibre of Ridge Gourd and the naturally available pumice stones were used in Natural Foot Care treatment at home.

  • Foot Scrubber
  • Pedi Egg
  • Pumice stones
  • Corn Blade
  • Foot Brush

These are the common things which are easily available in your house. And with the help of these things you can get a better result after your pedicure at home

How to do Pedicure at Home Tips

Pedicure is a natural foot care treatment and it less expensive, we can do this easily at home in the free time.

  • Take a drop of acetone (nail polish remover) in cotton and remove your nail polish.
  • Cut your nails, and do shaping semi-circle or square for a medium length nail.
  • Do pedicure during your hair wash day, because the feet should be soaked well or
  • Take warm water in a bucket, add 10ml of shampoo and soak your feet for 30 minutes.
  • Foot Scrubber is available in the market. Use it to remove dead cells, cracks, and dirt.
  • Alternatively, you can use Pedi Egg and Pumice stones for doing Pedicure at Home.
  • Use Corn Blade to remove the dirt in the hard skin and knot skin area.
  • By using liquid soap, clean your feet completely with a special feet brush.
  • Remove and wash your legs in clean warm water and rub with a clean cloth.
  • Apply moisturizer or natural foot care cream evenly for your feet and do leg, feet massage.
  • Up to this stage, it is common Natural foot care for men and women.
  • After one hour, ladies can put nail polish which suits to tour skin tone.

Follow pedicure at home treatment regularly and get natural foot care remedies for your problems.

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