Celebrities With Surprising Hidden Talents

Several famous celebrities are not only known for their main occupation but also have different hidden talents. The celebrity landscape includes dancers, models, actors, social media influencers, athletes, and singers.

Besides, being perfect and popular in their own field most of them have some hidden talents that will surely surprise you. As these celebrities are famous and earn a quite lot of money so, they also have the opportunity to spend some on their other likings or hobbies besides their main job.

Here are some surprising hidden talents of some of your favorite celebrities that will blow your mind. The dedication to their likings will surely motivate you and thus, inspire you to give priority to your hobbies and likings besides focusing on your main occupation.

So, get ready to be surprised after reading about the hidden talents of your favorite celebrities.

Here are some hidden talents of some famous celebrities that will surprise you and make you feel proud of them.

Geena Davis

Geena Davis is a really talented person as she is good at many things. she is the founder of an institute designed to find gender bias in Hollywood. She is also an activist, a supporter of Title IX and women’s sports, and also a great actor.

She was fond of archery and started picking the sport when she was 40. She qualified for the 2000 archery team and went to the Olympics.

Lucy Liu

People know actress Lucy Liu for solving mysteries on the TV show elementary and for her wonderful acting skill in movies like the Charlies angels. Besides, being a great actor she is also an accomplished painter.

Her work has been featured in gallery shows all over the world and is loved by people.

Mike Rowe

people know Mike Rowe from the show named “ dirty jobs” which was telecast on the discovery channel.

Besides, being a famous reality show star he is also a professional opera singer. Before hitting the reality show on TV he used to sing for the Baltimore opera.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a big name and is quite famous because of her great acting skill. She played the role of an action hero several times in her films and in real life she is the same.

Besides, being an advocate for human rights and a pilot she is also a skilled knife thrower. This lady is a pack of talent.

Diane Keaton

Besides, being a great actor Diane Keaton is a multitalented person. she is a skilled writer and has her own wine line. She also loves decorating and designing.

The architectural digest is one of her publications featuring her design work.

Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga is an excellent cook and has expertise in making different homemade pasta. Once, she made headlines for wearing a dress made of meat. People suggested she make a delicious meal with a meat dress instead of wearing it as she is a wonderful cook.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt does not need any introduction as he is among some of the finest actors in Hollywood. However, besides being a great actor brad Pitt has an interest in art and sculpting. He made his debut as a sculptor with artist Thomas house ago and musician nick cave.

His first sculpture was an 18” miniature house made of tree bark known to be “ house a go go”. After his divorce in 2017 from Angelina Jolie, he started his journey with ceramic art. His work will be on view from 15th January 2023.

Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney is well known for her famous shows like “white lotus”, “the handmaid’s tale” and “ euphoria”. Besides, being a talented actress she is also a great car mechanic.

She has been sharing different ways of fixing up her dream car a 1969 ford bronco via her TikTok account with her fans. She revealed the car to be finally driveable on 14th January.

Take away

Being famous and loved by fans is not a matter of joke. These celebrities are so talented that besides being popular in their main job they are also enjoying and exploring their hidden talents.

We hope after knowing about the hidden talents of your favorite celebrities you will start loving and respecting them more. Besides, making you surprised by their dedication will also inspire you to give time to your hobbies and likings other than just focusing on the job that gives you money.

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