A Complete Guide to Apply Glitter or Shimmer to Your Makeup

Be ready for the party by adding some glitter to your makeup. A touch of glitter can enhance your look and make you look bold and stylish.

Applying some glitter to your cheekbones and eyelid can give you a beautiful hint of sparkle.

But you need to apply the glitter in the right way to enhance your beauty. Here we will give you a brief on how to add glitter to your makeup in the right way and the types of glitter available in the market.

Types of Glitter

There are mainly 3 types of glitter available in the market. You need to choose the right one.

Cosmetic Glitter

Using cosmetic glitter can make your skin smoother as it has round edges and is much finer.

It is made of pigment and non-toxic material instead of dye. So it is safe to use.

Craft Glitter

Using craft glitter can irritate your skin as it is colored with dye and has sharp edges.

Although a craft glitter is cheap but using it might cause skin rashes. So try to avoid using craft glitter.

Biodegradable Glitter

This is the best form of glitter available in the market. Biodegradable glitter is of high quality and comes in different shades and shapes.

As this glitter is cruelty-free so, using this product is always recommended. Also Raed: A Complete Guide to Eye Serum Application for Best Result

How to Apply Glitter Correctly?

  • Use adhesive to make the glitter stick to your skin.
  • Use a moisturizer to blend the glitter properly.
  • Use brushes to apply the glitter to your face.
  • Using hands to apply the glitter can make it messy.
  • If you are using glitter on your eyelids then apply it before using mascara.
  • If the glitter stick to your eyelashes then, dust them off before applying mascara.

  • Avoid applying glitter to all the parts of your face like the cheeks, lips, and eyes as it can make you look overdone.
  • Use the glitter only in one area and leave the rest.
  • Adding cosmetic glitter to your makeup can give you a shiny look.

A shimmery beauty always attracts us. So glitter can be the best option to make your skin sparkle.

Always use brushes and adhesive to apply glitter so, that it does not flake off. Adhesive by Violet Voss can work as a wonder.

So, be ready for your next party by being a show stopper. You might also like: 5 Eye Makeup Products That Makes Your Eyes Bigger Instantly

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