A Complete Guide: How to Make Henna Darker for Your Hands

Most Asian and Persian women use mehndi which is also known as henna to decorate their hands and feet on special occasions.

Nowadays, making designs with henna has become trendy. Applying mehndi is a must in an Asian wedding.

It is said that if the color of the mehndi on the hand of the bride gets darker then, she will be loved more by her husband.

Though these are an old myth, the fact is henna plays an important role in enhancing your wedding day look.

In this article, we will share with you how to make henna paste darker to get that gorgeous look on special occasions.

How to Make Henna Darker After Taking It Off?

By following these simple tips you can easily get a darker color of mehndi on hands. So let us find out how to get dark henna for hands.

Clean Your Hands Before Applying Mehndi

Before applying mehndi wash your hands with soap and dry them. Do not use any moisturizing cream or lotion on your hand before applying mehndi.

As the cream will stop the mehndi to get fully absorbed by your hand and you will not get that darker color.  Also Read: 10 Simple Homemade Face Scrub That Treats Oily Skin in No Time

Apply Lemon and Sugar Mixture

To get that deep color of mehndi on your hands and feet you need to apply the lemon and sugar mixture once the henna on hand dries out.

Add 3 tbsp of sugar in some boiling water to get a thick syrup-like consistency. Mix an equal amount of lemon juice after cooling it for some time.

Now you can apply this mixture on the dried henna with the help of cotton balls.

Keep it enough wet to get that deep color. Remember you should only apply this mixture when the mehndi gets dried out.

Leave Henna for a Longer Time on Your Hands

If possible leave the henna on your hand for 12 hours. Do not wash your hands to remove the mehndi instead scrape it out by rubbing your palms.

You will notice rich color has developed within a few hours. It is best if you can keep the henna on your hands overnight. You might also like: How to Choose the Best Nail Shape for Short Chubby Fingers

Clove Smoke to Get the Darker Color

Clove smoke can help you to get a deeper and darker color of mehndi on hands. Heat a pan with few cloves in it.

Now place your hands over the pan to get the steam of the clove to get absorbed by the mehndi. To get desired results to repeat this process twice or thrice.

Use Mustard Oil to Get Deep Color

To boost the color of the mehndi you can apply mustard oil or any pickle oil on your hands after scrapping off the crust. This will help you to get that darker color.

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Apply Balm

To get that darker color of henna on your hands use any balm after scrapping off the crust.

Some balm-like tiger balm and Vicks get absorbed by the skin fast and help to stimulate color development.

Avoid Getting in Touch With Water

To keep that darker color on your hands for a long time avoid washing your hands for at least a day.

Water stops the color of the henna to get penetrate by your skin. Hence, using water soon after applying mehndi will not help you to get a deep color.

What You Should Not Do?

Do Not Shave The upper layer of your skin and the mehndi can get scrape off if you shave, your hands after applying henna.
Do Not Use Lemon and Sugar Do not use the lemon and sugar mixture excessively.
Blow Dryer Do not use a blow dryer to dry out the henna after applying as the mehndi can get mess up and ruin the design.
Avoid Washing Your Hands Try to avoid washing your hands for a minimum of 6 hours post-application.
Soapy Water Avoid using soapy water as it can lighten the color of the mehndi very fast.
Do Not Drink Too Much Liquid Avoid drinking too much liquid before applying the henna on your hands. This is because consuming too much liquid will force you to go to the toilet several times and use water on your hands.

So I hope now you know how to make henna darker by following these simple tips. It is best to perform beauty treatments like waxing, pedicure, and manicure before the day of applying henna on your hands and feet.

In this way, you can get that darker color and the color will also stay for a longer period. So, choose your design and start applying Mehdi on your hands and feet without getting worried.

Image License: pexels.compixabay.com under Creative Commons License

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