9 Things You Should Know About Your Metabolism

Usually, our metabolism is calculated by how successfully & fast our body can burn the calories after we eat.

A well-functioning metabolic system is able to burn extra calories in a regular way. However, the following pointers will help you to realize some real truths about metabolism.

Genetics as well as Personal Health Impacts

When you have a family history of weight associated with medical ailments or some personal health problems, then it can influence your metabolism.

Depending on the type of ailment you can experience fast or even slow metabolism.

Men Have Faster Metabolism

The muscular body is able to burn extra calories & men who have that can enjoy this facility quite well.

The difference between the BMR of a male and female person is only about 5-10%. So with some adequate protein intake and exercise, a woman can come to the same level as that of a man.

Need to Move

The movement will enhance our metabolism. Though it could be very less but it can still burn some energy & thus its pushes your body to realize that it has more energy to burn.

On the other hand, it enhances the metabolism & provides help to resolve the extra energy.

However this little movement is not enough, a regular workout is highly needed to boost up your metabolism.

Impacts of Body Weight

When you are underweight then you might already have the fast metabolism, to keep up with this process you need to take small meals infrequent intervals, which must be high in healthy calories & nutrients, so that it can put some weight on you.

For people who are suffering from overweight, they need to increase their metabolism for shredding some weight.

Depends on Body Temperature

Experts believe that high body temperature is able to enhance your metabolism. You can increase your body temperature by putting some layers of clothing on you.

This fact also reveals the requirement of exercise for metabolism, because during exercises it increases our body temperature, which in turn increases the metabolic rate in our body.

Foods to Boost Metabolism

Some research has revealed that some drinks (like green tea), as well as some spicy preparation (full with hot peppers), can enhance your metabolism rate.

Some other options are whole grain, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar, grapefruit, acai berry, spinach, garlic & yogurt.

Eating Before Bedtime

During the night when we sleep our metabolism goes down. So we need to finish our dinner ¾ hours before our bedtime.

It will provide some time to your body to burn calories from your last meal.

Stop skipping meals

If you are fasting for 12 hours then it can reduce your metabolism rate up to 40%.

So you need to begin your day with some healthy breakfast & try to get some snack in small intervals. The longer you starve the more it (your metabolism) impacts.

Protein Intake

Protein is another option for increasing your metabolic rate.

Try to include lean meat instead of carbohydrate & that increases the rate easily. This is what people know as low carb diet.

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