9 Super Foods to Eat When You're Trying to Change Eye Color

Your eyes are the main attraction of your body, and also say a lot about your health condition.

Though the color of your eye does not always conform to the regular pattern of genetics, your eye color can be influenced by the genetic characteristics of your parents.

The color of your eye is determined by the pigment called melanin. The melanin concentration keeps changing throughout the Child’s growth years.

So it is variable to a great extent and subject to change as a child begins to grow.

Three genes are responsible for the formation of eye color in humans. Sometimes alterations in your dietary habits can yield the perfect eye color.

In this article, we will share with you how to change eye color naturally with food and how to make your eye color lighter.

Can Your Eyes Change Color?

To control the size of the pupil the iris muscle in the eye expands and contracts. Your eyes do this mostly in poor lighting conditions to allow more light into the eye.

To avoid any damage to the photoreceptors in the eye it grows smaller in bright light. The pupil of your eye shrinks like a lens in a camera when you focus on a near object.

Sometimes, due to the change in the size of the pupil the pigments in the iris come together or get spread which, might cause changes in your eye color.

Some people think that the color of their eyes changes with the mood. But the fact is the iris responds to hormonal and emotional changes that seem to make your eyes darker or lighter. But It will not change the color of your eyes fully.

Eye color also changes with age mostly among white people with lighter eye colors.

People with deep brown eyes at a younger age may notice a lightening of their eye pigment as they get old and finally, give them hazel eyes.

People who are born with hazel eyes may notice their iris getting darker with their age.

So, there can be a slight change in your eye color as you grow older. But, if you notice any unexpected and drastic change in your eye color then, make sure you consult an ophthalmologist.

Dramatic changes in eye color with differences in vision can be caused by some serious eye problems like pigmentary glaucoma, horners syndrome, or heterochromatic iridocyclitis.  

How to Change Your Eye Color Naturally?

Though there is a lot of science behind the formation and change in eye color sometimes consuming some food can help you to get the eye color that you have longed for.

So, let us find out how to change your eye color naturally with food? You may also like: 6 Ways to Get Beautiful Eyes Naturally Without Makeup

Meat Can Change Eye Color

Meat provides us with an adequate amount of protein and makes our body function in the right way.

Meats are rich in magnesium and zinc which can change the eye color in the iris. Also Read: Natural Ways to Treat Brown Spots From White Part of Eyes

Spinach Makes Eyes Brighter

Spinach contains a high amount of iron and vitamin A which makes your eyes brighter.

It also contains carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin which makes your eyes more youthful.

Try Uva ursi tea

Uva ursi tea is an antiseptic that has a diuretic function in the body.

This tea gives your eyes a brighter appearance and relaxes your eyes instantly. Also Read: Do Eyelashes Fall Out: How Long Does It Take to Grow Back?

Change Eye Color With Fish

The changes in eye color can be permanent if you include fish products in your diet regularly.

The change in eye color is possible as fish contains several minerals like phosphorus and magnesium and, it is also a rich source of vitamins A, D, K, C, B, and E.

Use Olive Oil

You can get that beautiful, soft shade in the color of your eyes by consuming olive oil.

This is because olive oil contains components such as linolenic acid and linoleic acid. You may also like: 5 Eye Makeup Products That Makes Your Eyes Bigger Instantly

Onions Can Change Color of the Iris

Onions are rich sources of sulfur compounds and vitamin C that can cure several health issues like depression, insomnia.

So by consuming onions on a regular basis, you can notice the change in your eye color.

Try Nuts

If you want to change the color of your eyes and make them lighter then, nuts can be a good option.

Nuts are the primary source of nutrition and thus, adding a variety of nuts to your diet can help in lightening your eye color.

Try to consume them raw as the nutrients get destroyed after the nuts are roasted.

Honey Helps in Changing Eye Color

Honey is a rich source of all sugars needed by your body. Besides fighting against several diseases, honey can significantly change eye color as well.

It can provide you with a lighter shade of your original eye color. You might also like: Eye Lift: 7 Ways to Get Rid of Hooded Eyelids Without Surgery

Use Chamomile tea

Consuming chamomile tea can provide relief from several health issues like anogenital inflammation, mucous membrane inflammation, and gastrointestinal discomforts.

It can give your eyes a warmer hue as consuming this tea lower the concentration of stress hormones in your bloodstream.

So these are some tips to change your eye color naturally. Follow these remedies to change the color of your eye and see the gradual changes.

Consuming these foods is best if you are keen on changing your eye color. After all your eyes are the key to your health and soul.

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