Next time you’re taking a trip, give yourself a minute to look around the airport. You’ll see fellow travelers rocking their personal style, whether it’s comfortable sweats or glammed up maxis. But no matter what look you’re rocking, here are some jet-setting don’ts we should all be aware of.

It’s complicated Most trips on an airplane mean you’ll be sitting in a tight space for an extended period of time — and don’t forget the bathrooms, either.

Make sure to avoid any outfits that will be too complicated to get off and on in those teeny tiny lavatories. Save your outfit of the day for when you’re officially off-duty!

Highs and lows

With the fluctuating temperatures on airplanes, it’s hard to know how to dress. Masani notes, “Airplanes have a funny way of getting chilly, so don’t wear something for hot weather, even if you’re traveling to a hot weather climate, without bringing layers to snuggle up in during an airplane ride.

Killer shoes

When it comes to your feet and flying, go for comfort over style. You never know how far away your gate will be, so make sure you’re able to easily walk or run.

Throw some cute heels in your carry-on if you’re hitting a trendy spot as soon as you arrive. It’s okay if you wear athleisure-wear, but think of your fellow passengers and try to put on a fresh set of clothes before you board.” 

Heavy metal

Going for a little sparkle? Don’t forget about getting through security. Vembar notes, “This one is a bit of a surprise, but did you know that a number of sweaters that look metallic actually have metallic threads woven through the garment?

Not wearing this is more about the hassle you will get through security because you will absolutely be stopped before you even make it to your gate.” 

Making Scents

Be mindful of your fellow passengers when applying your favorite perfume or lotion before your flight. Vembar recommends, “Anything scented should be applied with a light touch. This is being a good neighbor because you never know what types of allergies people have around you.” 

Baggy clothes

When you travel, you wanna be comfortable, so chillaxed clothing might seem like a good choice. However, it may also make you look a tad suspicious.

Tracy Edwards from AAA Travel Sales told CBS News, “Loose clothing will cause some delays because they think you’re hiding something under there.” Save the mystery for Vegas! 

Get comfortable

So what can you wear on an Airplane? also like a full monochrome look with wide-legged pants, matching t-shirt, and a draped trench all in the same color.

” Think easy-breezy when you choose your look. Palepu says, “Maxi dresses are great when traveling to a warm location, topped with a denim jacket.

Just stuff the jacket in your bag and you’re ready to hit the beach!” Too much jewelry will hold you up in security, but wearing a great scarf instead can keep you warm and looking chic on the flight. Overall, just make sure you’re comfortable. Just not…too comfortable… 

Dress code

Leggings may seem like the perfect travel pant, but they could keep you from boarding your flight. In 2017, United Airlines landed in hot water for not allowing two teenage girls wearing leggings to board.

The airline tweeted, “The passengers this morning were United pass riders who were not in compliance with our dress code policy for company benefit travel.” But even if you disagree with the dress code, it’s not going to change.

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