7 Proven Ways to Look Taller & Slimmer in Photos

You can’t change the physical height you are born with. If you have a short height genetically then despite wishing you to have a boost in height it is not possible.

But there are some creative ways by which you can make yourself look taller in your photos.

If you have the right camera then without editing your photo you can appear taller in photos without wearing heels.

In this article, we will share with you some tips that can make you look taller in photos.

How to Make Yourself Look Taller in Photos?

So, here are some tips to make you taller in your photos if you are just plain short or petite.

Tilt the Phone Back While Taking the Photo

By tilting your phone you can get that perfect angle to make yourself look taller. Your photos can have an artistic feel in them by trying this angle.

After trying to take your photo by tilting your phone you will never go back to old, boring photos. Also Read: 11 Unbelievable Facts about Sex You Need to Know

To Look Taller Take Walking Photos

Taking a photo while walking can make your legs leaner and longer. So, take the biggest steps while clicking photos to look natural.

To pose for photos you don’t have to a standstill. You might also like: 5 Unique Colors That Match Burgundy Clothes

The Entire Frame Should Be Filled

Extra space in your pictures can make you look shorter. So, try to limit the size of your frame unless you want to capture something beautiful in your background.

While Taking a Group Photo to Try to Sit Down

While taking a group photo standing beside a taller person will make you look short in photos.

So, always try to sit down and take a group photo. Also Read: What to Wear if You’re an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Much Space Above or Below Your Body Can Make You Look Shorter

Instead of leaving much space above or below the body, you should tilt your phone back to elongate your legs.

And if you want to look tall in your photos then it is better to leave extra space above your body than below.

You Can Wear Heels

To make your legs look elongated wear shoes with low-cut vamp with dresses and skirts.

Wearing heels can be noticeable in your photos. So, to look taller you can even wear shoes with pointed toes if you are not comfortable wearing heels.

Lower Angle Photos

While taking photos a low shooting position can make you look taller. A photo from a lower angle can be clicked by squatting down.

This will elongate your figure and make you look thinner and taller. You might also like: 10 Fashion Mistakes Women Always Make

To Look Taller You Need to Wear the Right Clothing

While taking photos to choose the combination of clothes that can make you look taller. So, here are some tips.

  • Wearing v-neck tops will focus more on your face while making your neck look longer.
  • Longer legs can make you look taller. So, to elongate your legs wear high waisted bottoms to make yourself taller in photos.
  • Clothes with horizontal stripes can make you shorter. While vertical stripe can make you look taller. So, to make you look taller in photos try to avoid wearing clothes with horizontal stripes.

  • The oversized cloth can make you look shorter. Well, fitted clothes can flatter your short height. Hence, you can make yourself taller in photos.
  • Your legs can even look shorter if you wear loose-fitting pants. So, try to avoid wearing those loose-fitting pants if, you want to make yourself taller in photos.
  • Wearing the same color top and bottom can make you look taller. A darker color can make you look more elegant and can lengthen your body.

So, these are some simple tips following which you can make yourself taller in photos.

But height doesn’t matter much while taking photos until you are confident with that perfect smile on your face.

Image License: pexels.compixabay.com under Creative Commons License

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