7 Best Ways to Get Rid of Nail Biting Habit

Nail biting is a very common habit of many people, from children to adults. Sometimes it is just a bad habit, but in some cases, it is the sign of some serious problem. The biting nail can cause damages to fingers and other negative consequences. Although it’s not easy to get rid of the nail biting habit, there are some ways to break it.

The list below offers some simple but effective methods to help you stop biting your nails:

7. Use Garlic to stop biting nails

If you want a natural way to get rid of this bad habit, garlic gourd can help you. It is due to the strong aroma and taste of garlic that is often not the favorite smell of most people.

Garlic is also a natural antiseptic which is able to make your nails stronger and protect them from infections. Both raw garlic and garlic oil are equally helpful.

How to use:

  • Cut a clove of garlic into halves.
  • Rub them on your nails and let it sit for several minutes then rinse it off. The strong aroma will prevent you from biting nails.

Alternatively, apply garlic oil on your nails to avoid biting nails

6. Trim the Nails

This is definitely a simple and effective way to fight the bad habit. If your nails are short, it will much more difficult for you to bite them. So, all that you have to do is to remember to trim nails regularly. It will also keep your nails look tidy and neat.

5. Try Bitter Gourd to Stop Nail Biting

If you can’t stand the strong taste and aroma of garlic, you can try bitter gourd. The bitter taste, as its name tells, will stop you from biting nails.

How to use:

  • Crush bitter gourd to get a paste.
  • Strain the paste to have its juice.
  • Cover your fingers and nails with the juice and let it dry.

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4.Quit Biting Nails with Regular Manicure

It sounds strange but regular manicure can be significantly effective to break the habit. You nails will be decorated with charming and beautiful décor, jewels, textures, and patterns.

And each time you’re going to bite your nails; you will remember that your nails are too glorious to bite. Additionally, the expensive cost to have those nails will definitely stop you from biting nails.

3. Neem Oil to Get Rid of Nail Biting Habit

The oil with a bitter flavor is another method for nail biting. Moreover, neem oil contains antiseptic, a property with the ability to protect your nails from some types of infections.

How to use:

  • Apply neem oil on your nails with a soft towel.
  • Leave it on for several minutes to dry.
  • The bitter taste will cause you not to bite nails if you unconsciously do that.

2. Nail Biting Polish

Another way you can try to get rid of the habit is to polish your nails with a nail polish which is capable of preventing you from biting nails.

You just need to coat your nails with this kind of nail polish. Dark color nail polish will be more effective because it makes nails look less attractive to bite.

1. Adopt A New Habit

Many people bite their nails when they are under stress or anxiety. In those cases, it is advisable that you adopt a new habit.

It should be a habit that requires your hands to implement, such as painting, playing an instrument, cooking, decorating, or drawing. When you do one of them, you will gradually forget to bite nails.

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