5 Ways to Remove Extreme Blackheads You Can Try at Home

Blackheads are among the most stubborn little bump you can get. Once they appear on your skin, without effective methods, they might not be able to get rid of it totally.

Many people miss-understand that blackheads are caused by dirt, but in fact, blackheads are results of the excess oil produced by your oil glands clogs your pores.

five Ways to Remove Extreme Blackheads You Can Try at Home

Therefore, in order to effectively get rid of blackheads, you need to work in controlling the excess oil produced by your oil glands.

5 Best Methods to getting Rid Of Blackheads

Here are the 5 best methods that help to remove blackheads effectively.

Use Blackhead Cleansers

If you are suffered from blackheads, then regular cleansers may not suit you. there are cleansers specially dedicated to blackheads affected the skin.


But, you need to be carefully selecting them as many types of blackhead cleansers are available in the market, but not all will suit you. Choosing an abrasive blackhead cleanser and scrubbing your skin to death will make it worse.

you should always use a more gentle blackheads cleansers, follow the instructions on the usage carefully. Normally you are advised not to use it more than twice daily because the blackhead cleanser control excess oil, so if you overuse it, it will start to dry out your skin.

Use Clean Pillows

Excess oil from your skin will transfer to your pillow when you sleep. if you keep using the pillow without changing the pillowcase often enough,

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The oil that sick on the pillow will be transferred back to your skin potentially together with bacteria to your face and cause more serious acne that is harder to be removed. You don’t need to change your pillowcase daily, but it should be regularly.

Take a Sauna or Steam Bath

Sometimes, you don’t need an expensive blackhead treatment solution to remove blackhead. A simple and divine method such as taking a sauna or steam bath helps to open your pores.

After the sauna or steam bath, cleansing your skin with the right cleanser improves the effectiveness of blackhead removal. You might also like: How Can You Prevent Blackheads from Coming Back

No More Junk Food

Although there are no real figures that prove junk food has anything to do with blackheads, but unverified data show that these junk foods may make you more inclined to get an outbreak of blackhead.

Therefore, you should keep yourself away from junk foods when you are on a mission to get rid of it. Also Read: Which Diet is Responsible for Blackhead

Having a Healthy Lifestyle

Having a healthy lifestyle is important not just for getting rid of blackheads, but it is for the good of your health. You should drink plenty of water,

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, sleep well and exercise regularly help to clear up your skin and make it healthy so that skin diseases such as blackheads will stay away from you.

If you couple a healthy lifestyle with the above 4 methods to take care of your skin, you will be able to get rid of blackheads in no time.

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