5 Ways to Make Self Tanning Lotion Without Cocoa Powder

Self-tanning is the safest way to get that summer glow. When it comes to sunless tanning then there are only a few options available.

You can try self-tanning at home by purchasing your spray tanning machine, you can also get a tanning session in your local tanning salon, or you can try using sunless tanning lotion.

These methods can help you to get that tanned look but can be very expensive as well. So in this article, we will share how to prepare a homemade self tanner without using cocoa powder.

Some people are not comfortable with applying cocoa solids on their bodies. Even the smell of cocoa solids can make them feel irritated.

So let us find out how to make different self-tanning lotions without using cocoa powder.

Why DIY Self-tanning Lotion is Better?

Most of the self-tanning products available in the market contain several chemicals. These products can damage your skin and can cause unwanted breakouts and rashes.

So it is better to make your self-tanning lotion and home. The procedure is very easy and pocket-friendly as well. You can also be aware of what you are using on your skin.

So read on for 4 effective and easy self-tanner ideas, and that is also without using cocoa powder. Also Read: Is Using a Dry Shampoo really Bad for Your Hair and Scalp?

Homemade Self tanner Without Cocoa Powder

Coconut Oil and Tea to Make Self-tanner

In 3/ 4 cup of hot water steep four to five black tea bags. Blend the steeped black tea with half a cup of coconut or sesame oil. Now apply this mixture over your body.

This mixture will produce the color you need to get a self tanned look. You might also like: Dry Skin Around Nails: Know the Cause and How to Get Rid of It

Self-tanner Using Black Tea

Mix one tablespoon of vanilla extract with 16ounces of boiling water. Now take eight bags of organic black tea and pour the mixture over it.

Let the tea bags steep into the mixture for eight to ten minutes. Now the let the tea cool down after removing the tea bags. You can apply this mixture to get a self tanned look.

This recipe is quite easy but, it can easily get washed off with water contact. So be aware before getting into the pool.

Self-tanner Using Carrot

Take one pound of fresh carrots and peel them. Now cut those into slices and put them in a pan of boiling water.

Now pour brown sugar into the boiling water with carrots. Let this mixture boil for about 3 hours on low flame. Strain the solution in a bowl after three hours.

You can pour this solution in a spray bottle and apply it whenever you need to get the tanned look.

Carrots can be beneficial for your skin as it contains natural antioxidants, Vitamin A and beta carotene.

Brown sugar can act as an exfoliating agent which can reduce the formation of wrinkles. Also Raed: How Can Baby Oil Help to Remove Makeup and Is It Good Or Bad

Tea and White Lotion

In one cup of water brew 4 black tea bags. Let it boil for some time and then pour it in a mug.

To get that dark-colored solution let it rest for a few minutes. Now mix this solution with any white lotion to get the desired color.

Apply this mixture on your body and let it get absorbed. When the lotion dries out to apply the next layer of lotion again.

Repeat applying the lotion if you want a darker tanned look. To get visible results to use the lotion weekly.

Tea contains anti-inflammatory agents that are effective in treating blemishes and skin irritations as well.

And for white lotion, we would recommend picking one that contains natural ingredients.

Use Beans, Oysters, and Seeds as Self-tanner

To get that self tanned look eating pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, oysters and lima beans can be very effective.

As these foods contain copper, so it can increase the production of melanin. And increased melanin can make your skin look darker. You might also like: Is Using a Dry Shampoo really Bad for Your Hair and Scalp?

So these are some of the easy and effective homemade self tanners without cocoa powder. To get that self tanned look you can try any of these recipes. So be simple and gorgeous with your self tanned look this summer.

Image License: pexels.compixabay.com under Creative Commons License

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